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July 2014
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Wine and cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, or June and the moon, or good people and noble ventures.

M.F.K. Fisher

There are some things in the world that were just meant to go together, like Chocolate and Peanut Butter, oil and vinegar, and of course wine and cheese! Since time out of mind wine and cheese have been paired together and served at all the most important of events among the highest class of people. Wine And Cheese Day celebrates this eternal bonding and the elegance it engenders.

History of Wine And Cheese Day

There is an interesting element to all of the pairings mentioned above, with the possible exception of chocolate and peanut butter. Pairings of food almost universally involve pairing an astringent food, like wine, with a fatty food like cheese. The reason isn’t just incidental, but in fact is one of the secrets of culinary science that’s used in creating truly delectable meals.

Astringent foods have a tendency to bind with the elements in saliva that lubricate and cause them to clump and lose their ability to lubricate. This tends to leave us with a puckered mouth and nobody loves that! Even worse, the more you consume astringent foods the drier they make your mouth! While we all agree that wine and tea are both delicious, no one wants a puckered mouth!

This is where the cheese comes in with its fatty texture and often pungent flavors. Each bite tends to coat our mouths just a little more making it lubricated with fat, often to the point of being slimy! We love the flavors, but the constant build up of flavor can often be overwhelming, and that’s when wine comes to the rescue!

Wine And Cheese Day celebrates this pairing of foods and the ways they interact to make each one even more enjoyable!

How to celebrate Wine And Cheese Day

The best way to celebrate Wine And Cheese Day is by hosting a wine and cheese tasting of your very own! Get together with your friends and plan out the evening with every variety of cheese you can imagine. Bring your Port Wines and your blushes, your champagnes and your reds and whites, and for each of them bring a parade of cheeses to be sampled. We’re not talking simple Sharp Cheddar but exotics like blue cheese and Limburger, Gorgonzola and Mizithra, all the wondrous cheese of the world!