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There’s just something special and soothing about the warmth and comfort of a simple cup of hot tea. Whether it’s just a no-fuss cup of black English breakfast tea or it’s something a little more unique like an herbal tea or a chai latte, hot tea is a delicious beverage that is enjoyed the world over.

This is the perfect time to appreciate this simple but foundational beverage, because it’s National Hot Tea Day!

History of National Hot Tea Day

Originally hailing from China, hot tea has a long history that dates back almost 5000 years. One story goes that an emperor was sitting under a tree with his hot water when some dried leaves fell into it and the rest, as they say, is history. While no one knows if this legend is exactly how it happened, the truth is that hot tea has been appreciated and enjoyed by humans for centuries.

Starting out as a beverage with medical purposes, tea has been made from all sorts of different herbs and leaves over the years. But the most commonly thought of version of hot tea is typically a black tea, which comes from the plant Camellia Sinensis. Records of drinking this hot tea in Asia date back to the 3rd century BC, but it didn’t make its way to Europe until the 16th century.

In the 1600s, people in England began to fall in love with this delicious beverage and it started to become a popular drink for the modern classes. Tea production was introduced to British India and a worldwide industry was born.

National Hot Tea Day is here to show appreciation for this beverage that is beloved all over the world!

How to Celebrate National Hot Tea Day

Look at some of these ideas for enjoying and celebrating National Hot Tea Day:

Brew a Cup of Hot Tea

Celebrating National Hot Tea Day can be as simple as boiling some water, letting tea leaves or a tea bag steep for a few minutes, and then appreciating the ritual of sipping that comforting beverage. Put those feet up for a moment and feel those cares slipping away with the enjoyment of a cuppa.

Try a New Hot Tea Flavor

So many different varieties and flavors of tea can be found on the market today, it’s difficult to choose which one to try! Consider something soothing like an herbal chamomile or a tea that offers a bit of energy like a cup of hot peppermint tea. Those who enjoy spices can choose a chai spice, cinnamon tea, or even a turmeric tea. The sky’s the limit when it comes to celebrating National Hot Tea Day!

Give a Gift to a Tea Lover

National Hot Tea Day is the perfect excuse to show a tea lover how much they are loved. Consider getting them a box of their favorite kind of tea. Or perhaps choose a tea cup that will make them feel special when they are enjoying their delicious cup of hot tea.

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