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National Pharmacist Day implores everyone to take a moment to think of all those important people who work as pharmacists. These are people whose job it is to mostly see people when they are sick with a cold or cough, need a refill on that asthma inhaler or even have a hangover. Or perhaps when someone has run out of toothpaste.

In any case, these helpful folks are able to assist people all over the world to feel better, even though they mostly only see them at their worst. So, now it’s time to learn about and celebrate National Pharmacist Day!

History of National Pharmacist Day

The practice of pharmacy got its start in ancient times when plants were used as drugs, and the practitioners might have been known as herbalists. Pharmacy even has roots in the Greek legend about Asclepius, the god of the art of healing.

The separation of physicians and pharmacy dates back to 1683 in Bruges, Belgium, where a law was enacted forbidding doctors from making medication for patients. By 1751, when Ben Franklin helped to establish the first hospital in the United States, Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, the first pharmacy was created in the US.

The role of the pharmacists changed significantly after World War II when the science behind drug development began changing rapidly.

Today, the pharmacists aren’t not responsible for actually making the pills and potions, but for storing them, fulfilling them with correct dosage, offering advice to patients, watching for mistakes or drug interactions and other duties that are vital to the health of billions of people all over the world.

How To Celebrate National Pharmacist Day

Looking for ways to get involved with National Pharmacists Day? Here are some great ideas to get started:

Visit a Pharmacist Just to Thank Them

Know a Pharmacist or a student of Pharmacy? Well, get out there and thank them on this important day.

In fact, perhaps on this special day, National Pharmacists Day, it would be a delightful idea to take a moment to visit a pharmacy with a smile on your face and a healthy bounce to your step – it’s certain to be a surprise to them! Pop up to the counter without a need for a medical refill or to buy cough syrup. Simply step up and tell them that it’s National Pharmacists Day and they deserve to be thanked!

Learn Some Important Facts About Pharmacists

Not sure what the person wearing that white coat does? Here are some interesting facts that might help people to understand a bit better:

  • Pharmacists Hold Doctorate Degrees
    At least in the United States, since the year 2000, all practicing pharmacists must hold a Pharm. D. (Doctor of Pharmacy Degree). In addition, they complete 1-3 years of residency and fellowship training. 
  • Pharmacists Can Administer Vaccines
    All 50 of the United States allow pharmacists to administer at least some vaccines. Annual flu shots are the most common immunizations that pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can administer. 
  • Pharmacists Help with Medication Management
    When a patient is seeing several doctors, particularly for chronic conditions, it can get confusing when they are taking a variety of different medications. Pharmacists offer Medication Therapy Management (MTM) to help patients optimize their drug therapy resulting in improved outcomes. 
  • Pharmacists Are Highly Accessible
    While getting to a doctor may be difficult or far away, 90% of Americans live within 5 miles of a pharmacy. 

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