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Youth are the future of humanity and deserve to be celebrated! Throughout the year in various parts of the world, the young people of today are honored and celebrated on various days, including National Youth Day.

History of National Youth Day

The origins of this National Youth Day in India date back to 1984 when the government determined this day should be set aside annually to pay attention to the young people of the culture. National Youth Day is celebrated in India on January 12, which is in honor of the birthday of Swami Vivekananda, who was an influential figure in India in the 19th century and a firm believer in the power of youth. Swami Vivekananda promoted philosophies and ideals that might be a great source of inspiration and for the youth of the country of India.

National Youth Day is traditionally celebrated at schools and colleges in India with all sorts of events including speeches, music, seminars, processions, sports, competitions and many other activities.

At least 18 different countries celebrate various days in honor of their youth. By 1999, the United Nations had declared International Youth Day, that is meant to be an international observance throughout the globe.

National Youth Day is the perfect time to show appreciation for and celebrate those young people in the world who have all of the potential for

How to Celebrate National Youth Day

Get excited about celebrating National Youth Day in some fun ways, with ideas such as these:

Show Appreciation to a Young Person

The world often revolves around adults, but National Youth Day might be just the time to tell a young person how much they are appreciated. Show them how much they are cared for and tell them how impressive it is that they are making their way in the world today to become a positive part of the future. Affirm the good qualities that they have and give them encouragement to keep moving forward.

Volunteer on National Youth Day

One great way to celebrate National Youth Day is to get involved with a charity that helps promote and overcome challenges that youth face today. Non-profit organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Boys & Girls Club of America, YMCA, and First Place for Youth are often in need of people to help them with programming, tutoring or simply spending time with kids who need some extra attention. Local schools may also have opportunities for community members to volunteer.

Those who are not able to volunteer may want to consider giving a donation to a favorite charity that serves young people, just in honor of National Youth Day.

Host a National Youth Day Event

Parents, teachers and youth leaders can make a special opportunity to host an event in honor of National Youth Day. Perhaps gather a group of special young people together at school and host an awards ceremony for special accomplishments. Or simply host a little party with music and snacks as a special school assembly in celebration of the day, just to let young people know how much they are appreciated.

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