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Fiery red hair, pale skin, and eyes of blue or green. These are the defining characteristics of some of the most amazingly attractive human beings in existence. They were once held as being holy as they were believed to have stolen the very fire of the Gods and imbued their crimson locks with it. Kiss a Ginger Day is your opportunity to steal a kiss from one of these amazingly attractive genetic rarities.

Learning about Kiss a Ginger Day

Red hair has also been striking and unique! Unfortunately, though, those with ginger hair have often experienced jokes and taunts over the year. People just love to put down anything that is a bit different, don’t they? We don’t understand it personally! Have these people seen Amy Adams or Prince Harry lately? Red is a powerful and energetic color, with so much character. We have noticed a lot of people dye their hair bright red in recent years. Kiss a Ginger Day gives us all the opportunity to show our love for redheads!

Did you know that only around two percent of the population has naturally red hair? This is a very small percentage, showing just how beautiful and unique this style of hair is. A lot of people associated red hair with Ireland. However, there are archaeological discoveries and ancient accounts that have indicated that red hair existed in Asia and Greece. So, the roots of this hair color (excuse the pun!) are more varied than a lot of people realize.

Did you also know that redheads don’t go gray? We’re sure your jealous now! This is because red hair holds its pigment for longer than other color shades. Therefore, when it does fade, it does not go dull or gray. Instead, it will become an incredible silvery-white color. Take a look at some photos online and you will be able to see exactly what we’re talking about.

History of Kiss a Ginger Day

Kiss a Ginger Day was established in 2009 by Derek Forgie as part of a Facebook group, intended to offset the far less fun Kick A Ginger Day that takes place in November. After the events of this aggressive event, gingers everywhere were tormented and assaulted in schools all over the world.

Redheads are some of the rarest expressions of genetics in the world, true red only being present in 1-2% of the population. The range of colors that can be seen range from Burgundy to bright copper, with a few instances of an unfortunate bright orange in between. While in some parts of the world this color hair is disparaged, and the origin of such phrases as “like a red-headed stepchild”, the rest of the world has an undying love affair with them. Red hair dye is one of the most popular hair care products, and it comes in a wide array of colors, including some never found in nature.

As an interesting fact, while Ireland is heavily associated with red hair, those with red hair actually have an older origin. Red hair is a layover from the days of the Viking invasions, bring brought in from immigration and acts of heinous violence against the Vikings’ victims.

Kiss a Ginger Day Timeline

5th Century B.C.

Red hair is mentioned in historical texts

Though no one really knows how far back the history of red hair goes, one of the first recorded mentions of red hair occurs when Herodotus describes a Eurasian tribe of people as having “grey eyes and red hair”.[1]

60 B.C.

Red-headed Celtic Queen Boudicca leads revolt

Described by two different historians as having long red hair, this widowed Iceni queen launches a revolt against abusive Roman leaders, killing up to 80,000 Romans and their sympathizers. She creates a legacy as a freedom fighter, even though the Britons are not able to defeat the Romans at this point.[2]

18th Century A.D.

The term ‘ginger’ develops

Contrary to popular belief that this is a recent term, the use of “ginger” to describe a redhead begins sometime in the late 18th century in Britain. This is likely connected to the British forces conquering parts of Malaysia, where the Red Ginger plant can be found.[3]


Redhead Festival takes root in Breda, Netherlands

While celebration of this hair color now takes place all over the world, the first gathering is inadvertently created by artist Bart Rouwenhorst, a blonde painter who places an ad for red-headed women to model for him. A gathering of 250 women on this day turns into the world’s largest annual Redhead Festival, including more than 1700 delegates from at least 80 countries.[4]


First ‘Kiss a Ginger Day’ is celebrated

Established by Derek Forgie, this day is meant to counterbalance the more rude and nefarious ‘Kick a Ginger Day’ that some people started observing a few years prior.[5]

How to celebrate Kiss a Ginger Day

Celebrating Kiss a Ginger Day is easy! You just find one of these individuals and offer to give them a big old kiss as an appreciation for their unique and stunning hair color. Always make sure you have their permission, but considering that there’s a holiday just two months back that encourages abusing those with flaming red hair.

Now, we’re not recommending that you go around kissing ginger people without their permission… we don’t want to get anyone in trouble here! If you don’t know a person with ginger hair who wants you to kiss them, simply spread your love and appreciation for the redheads of the world. You can put together a gushing Instagram post about how much you love Prince Harry, for example; we are sure that Meghan Markle won’t mind!

Or, if you want to be a bit more subtle with your following of this day, give all of your favorite redheads a Hershey’s kiss. Everyone loves chocolate, and even those of the ginger persuasion are no exception. Get out there and have a happy Kiss a Ginger Day!

We personally think that the best way to celebrate Kiss a Ginger Day is to do something nice for a redhead you love. Whether this is your partner, co-worker, family member, or a friend, you can make them feel special on this day. You could cook them a meal, bring some chocolates to work, or send them some flowers! You don’t have to spend a lot of money or opt for a big grand gesture. Simply doing something small that will put a smile on someone’s face is going to make both you and the recipient feel great.

Another way that you can celebrate this date is by enjoying some music and movies by famous redheads. We’re sure that there is one ginger who springs to mind when we talk about music, and this is Ed Sheeran. Kick back and relax to his incredible hits. Or, what about Florence & The Machine? You could also show your appreciation for redheads by watching a television show or film that features a famous redhead, such as Christina Hendricks, Amy Adams, or Lindsay Lohan.

Kiss a Ginger Day is also a day that reminds us of the importance of taking care of our hair! No matter whether you have beautiful red locks or not, we should all treat our hair with the TLC it deserves! You can also use this day to try out a new hairstyle or to put a bit of extra effort in.

If you have ginger hair, wear it in a luscious or sleek style that is going to show off your locks in the best possible way. Hair styling and care products that are available today are innovative, smart and sophisticated. But they also have an ease of use that means what was once something that was only done for a special occasion has become something that is now done every day: styling hair.

And yes, men, this means you too! Men’s hair products have come a long way since the days of Brylcreem. It’s important to have a style – and change that style when the times call for it – and be your own man. It’s about owning your personality and individuality, which is also what Kiss a Ginger Day is about, embracing this rare and beautiful hair shade!

For men, hair styling is one of the most important aspects of male grooming, and it shouldn’t be ignored or rushed. In today’s world, how a man looks when he is out and about, interacting with others, or simply being observed can make all the difference. It’s because there are really no excuses when it comes to men taking care of their appearance with so many products such as pomades, gels, and waxes available both online and in the shops. A man’s appearance tells those who see him something about that man. People will make assumptions based on how you look, and that includes people you are trying to attract.

Looking dapper, smart, and like a real gentleman who enjoys using hair styling products will get you more attention than if you look scruffy and as though you couldn’t care less. It’s important to send the right signals, no matter what situation you find yourself in – and one of those signals is down to how you look. So, why not use Kiss A Ginger day to refine your look and style? After all, if there are kisses going around on this day, you’re probably going to want to put yourself in the opportunity to capitalize on them, right? Unless you’re taken, of course…

For women with beautiful red locks, you can look up some of the best hairstyles for red hair online. You will see lots of amazing hairstyles that can give you inspiration. It is all about showing off your stunning shade of red in the best way. Layers can look incredible, as they give another dimension to your hair. You may also decide to curl your hair and give it more volume. After all, the more redness, the better, right? Show off your fiery hair with pride on Kiss a Ginger Day!

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