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No matter what’s going on outside, some women really enjoy the fun of wearing a beautiful set of lingerie under their clothing. National Lingerie Day is here as a reminder to celebrate and enjoy this sweet little secret!

History of National Lingerie Day

Undergarments have a long and semi-interesting history that dates back many centuries. But lingerie is a slightly more modern invention. Lady Duff-Gordon was a British fashion designer working under the name Lucile, who had a strong influence on relieving women of the restrictions of the corset and, instead, bringing about something more practical. The bra was created sometime in the early 20th century, and the development continued from there.

Slightly different from National Underwear Day, which takes place in August, National Lingerie Day is here to celebrate something a bit more feminine and attractive. Where underwear is functional and certainly appreciated, lingerie is something more. Because, most everyone knows that all lingerie could possibly be categorized as underwear… but all underwear is probably not lingerie!

Lingerie is a French word that simply means “undergarments” but it is typically only used to refer to women’s undergarments. For many people, lingerie is often considered something to be a bit more light and sensual, often with silk, lace or other feminine trimmings. Certainly it’s a bit more alluring than just a pair of cotton granny panties!

National Lingerie Day was established to celebrate and enjoy the beauty and delight that comes from that feeling of wearing a pretty little pair of underwear or a lovely lacy bra. So get ready to observe this foundational day!

How to Celebrate National Lingerie Day

Observe and celebrate National Lingerie Day with some of these delightful ideas:

Wear Some Lovely Lingerie

Some women may have lovely lingerie that lives in the back of the drawer only to be brought out for special occasions. Well, National Lingerie Day is here just for that purpose! Reach back and choose a pretty pair of lacy panties or a silk slip and wear it for the day. Even if it’s necessary to wear a work uniform on the outside, this is a great reminder that it’s always possible to feel feminine underneath.

Treat Yourself With Lingerie

Looking for a way to observe National Lingerie Day? Head on over to a department store or lingerie store in the mall and make some purchases. Don’t forget that it’s a good idea to get fitted for your bra size every year or so, as bodies can change and adjust. After getting fitted, try on something pretty and buy it for yourself in celebration of the day!

Gift Her with Lingerie

National Lingerie Day is a perfect time to gift that special woman in your life with a pretty undergarment she might like (if that’s appropriate in your relationship, that is!). Head over to a local lingerie store or make a purchase online and then gift it as something special for the day.

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