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 Moving from one house or apartment to another can certainly be a challenging event. From packing boxes and cleaning to hauling items (while hoping nothing gets broken!), moving into a different home can be rather stressful. And for those who are moving on one of the busiest days of the year, it is often much worse. 

In fact, in the UK at least eight times more house moves take place in late August than any other time of the year, with tens of thousands of families or individuals moving on this day alone. This big push for moving day is likely due to the fact that many people move in relation to a new school year, whether for small children or university students. But whatever the reason, this busy time can make it challenging to get access to the professionals and services needed.

Other places have different popular moving days, such as the province of Quebec, Canada, where more than 50% of house moves for renters take place on the first day of July – which also happens to be Canada Day.  

In the United States, one of the busiest moving days occurs in late May, near Memorial Day and the end of the school year for many children. 

National Moving Day was founded in the UK to rally everyone together, bringing awareness, attention and resources so that moving can be a smoother, less stressful process for all.

History of National Moving Day

Started through a collaboration with a variety of professionals within the moving industry throughout the UK, this event is sometimes also referred to as National Home Moving Day. Some of the founding companies involved in starting the day include Bee Relevant Marketing, Richardson Moving and Storage, and George Pickersgill & Sons.

Taking place on the Monday prior to the busiest moving day of the year, National Moving Day is not only meant to raise awareness about the day, but also works to unite everyone involved. The founders hope that this day will help the customer experience to be enhanced and streamlined – because everyone is better at working together!

How to Celebrate National Moving Day

Consider some of these ideas to get started celebrating National Moving Day in the local community:

Prepare for Moving Well in Advance

The best moves go smoothly when everything is prepared and considered far in advance of the actual moving day. In honor of National Moving Day, consider accessing one of many different checklists for moving that can be found for free online, including this one that has been a favorite for New York Times readers. The checklist includes things to do from one to two months in advance and takes it all the way up through the moving day and after. 

Hire Professionals

Those who have the financial resources may want to consider hiring a number of different professionals to do the heavy lifting and cleaning. National Moving Day is a great time to find a number of different resources and information offered by local professionals such as movers, organizers, refuse collectors, cleaners and more.

Advertise Moving Services

Businesses who offer moving services might consider a marketing push with National Moving Day in mind. Letting the folks in the community know about the day, offering discounts or special advanced bookings might be a great way to garner business whether for a moving truck company or a carpet cleaning business!

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