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While some people might think this day has something to do with sewing or crafting, it’s actually all about the beloved character who goes by the name of Stitch, from the popular Disney film, Lilo & Stitch

National Stitch Day is here to shine a light onto the cuteness of this character as well as remembering the special place the friendships have in life – no matter how unexpected and unique those friends might be!

History of National Stitch Day

The 2002 release of the Walt Disney animated film Lilo & Stitch obviously acted as the catalyst for this day of celebration. With an Academy Award nomination and winning many other awards, this movie made its way into the hearts of children and adults alike. The franchise eventually included three other direct to video movie sequels, one of which was called Stitch! The Movie, in addition to three television series.

Sometimes called “Lilo & Stitch Day”, this event is celebrated on June 26 as a nod to the origins of the Stitch character. In the story, the little Hawaiian girl, Lilo, makes friends with a blue creature who resembles a koala bear. The extraterrestrial creature is originally referred to as “Experiment 626”, but six-year-old Lilo renames him “Stitch”. The date of this event was placed on the calendar as 6/26 in honor of Stitch’s original name.

How to Celebrate National Stitch Day

Bring on the fun and laughter because it’s time to share in National Stitch Day! Get involved and participate in the day with some of these ideas:

Wear Some Lilo & Stitch Fashion

A great way to show the love and share it with others in honor of National Stitch Day would be to get dressed up in some Lilo & Stitch gear. Just like any Disney franchise, there are tons of different options for t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, socks, scarves and so much more.

Or, even better, celebrate the day in a more creative way by coming up with some unique costumes that feature the characters from the movie. Dress in blue for Stitch, don a red dress with a white leafy pattern to represent Lilo, or just wear a Hawaiian grass skirt and headwear.

Learn Fun Facts about Lilo & Stitch 

In honor of National Stitch Day, add some of these bits of trivia to a topic of conversation:

  • Chris Sanders not only directed the film Lilo & Stitch but he was also the voice actor who played Stitch.

  • The voice actor who played Lilo, Daveigh Chase, was only 9 years old at the time.

  • In advertisements, Stitch has been seen mingling with many other Disney characters, including Ariel, Jasmine, Aladdin, and Simba.

Host a National Stitch Day Party

Get on board with National Stitch Day by gathering friends, family members, coworkers or classmates together. Invite guests to dress up as their favorite character from the Lilo & Stitch franchise or simply wear something with a Hawaiian vibe. Decorations and snacks can all be themed around the idea of the movie or life on the Hawaiian islands. And don’t forget to listen to the soundtrack from the movie or create a playlist with music that has an island feel to it!

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