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Looking for double, or even triple, the reason to get involved with celebrating this day? Then look no further than National Multiple Births Awareness Day. It’s a great time to get involved and connect with others who are parents, friends or family members of multiple birth children, whether twins, triplets, or more! 

History of National Multiple Births Awareness Day

Founded in 2005 by a non-profit organization called Multiple Births Canada (MBC), National Multiple Births Awareness Day (NMBAD) has been going strong for around two decades. The inaugural event was scheduled to take place on May 28 in honor of the Dionne Quintuplets, who were born in 1934.

At the time, the successful birth and survival of the Dionne Quints, five identical, and premature infants, was unprecedented. The event garnered a great deal of attention to their village of Corbeil, Ontario in Canada and caused some challenging issues for the family. But even through a great deal of trials and with the odds stacked against them, all five of the girls, Yvonne, Annette, Cecile, Emilie and Marie, lived to adulthood.

In a nod to this fascinating story, the first NMBAD events took place at the Dionne Quints Museum, located in North Bay, Ontario.

Each year, the organizers of National Multiple Births Awareness Day include different themes that allow participants to get involved in a particular aspect. Some past themes have included:

  • Demystifying Multiple Births: Sharing Our Unique Stories (2023)
  • Connecting Coast to Coast (2020)
  • Growing Up Multiples (2018)
  • Building Support for the Road Ahead (2016)

In addition to raising awareness and celebrating multiples, NMBAD also seeks to promote the rights and special needs that are inherent to those who are multiples, as well as their parents or other family members. The organization behind the event, MBC, works all throughout the year to raise funds to provide free resources that support and encourage families who have multiples. 

How to Celebrate National Multiple Births Awareness Day

Get ready for double the fun or triple the celebration with some of these ideas for enjoying National Multiple Births Awareness Day:

Attend a Multiple Births Local Event

Many different organizations throughout Canada, the US and other places may be hosting events and activities in honor of National Multiple Births Awareness Day. This might include community events where parents of multiples and their children are invited to learn through educational activities or simply connect with others who are in a similar situation.

Those who don’t know of an event happening locally might want to check with a parents-of-multiples support group, or even consider hosting an event in honor of NMBAD.

Get Involved with a Multiples Organization

Parents of multiples who are feeling disconnected or in need of support can check out different resources that may be available. Check with your pediatrician or perform a little online search to find out more of what’s going on locally. Some organizations to inquire with may include:

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