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Sidle up to a bar and order a drink because it’s time to celebrate National Name Your Poison Day! 

History of National Name Your Poison Day

National Name Your Poison Day has roots that can be traced back to the origin of the phrase “name your poison”. It seems that the idea of naming your poison was popular in the mid-1800s, which was related to the fact that ‘poison’ was a colloquial term for an alcoholic drink. Some researchers even think that the term “name your poison” may have been used all the way back in medieval times!

No matter when it got its start, the phrase, “name your poison” had a very specific meaning during the days of prohibition in the United States. Because it was illegal to make or sell alcohol from 1920-1933, the alcohol that was being produced illegally was of low quality and suspicious. Thus, when a person wanted to order a drink the bartender would ask them to name their poison – because if the drink wasn’t made properly, it literally and actually could be poisonous!

It seems that the phrase, “name your poison” can also be used in a broader sense for someone who is being asked to make a choice. In some cases, this might mean to try to choose the best out of a number of poor options. Today, National Name Your Poison Day really just offers a bit of an opportunity for having some fun!

How to Celebrate National Name Your Poison Day

Wondering how to get involved with celebrating National Name Your Poison Day? Well, check out some of these interesting ideas and then come up with some unique activities of your own as well:

Name Your Poison

National Name Your Poison Day might be a fun day to grab a few friends or coworkers and head out to a bar or nightclub to get a drink. Perhaps try a drink that is new to you, or choose something you don’t normally order. Also, be sure to let the bartender know what day it is – and see if they’ll give any extra drink specials in honor of the day!

Create a National Name Your Poison Playlist

Get involved with celebrating National Name Your Poison Day by creating a themed list of music that can be playing in the background throughout the day. It’s a fun motif to build some song choices around, getting started with some of these ideas:

  • Poison by Alice Cooper (1989)
  • Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars (2009)
  • Poison Tree by Grouper (2007)
  • Party Poison by My Chemical Romance (2010)

Thank a Bartender

If it wasn’t for those bartenders who are amazing at making almost any drink there is, National Name Your Poison Day just wouldn’t be the same! So take a moment on this special day to show appreciation for and say thank you to that person behind the bar who provides whatever drink is requested when you “name your poison”.

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