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It’s not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on.

Marilyn Monroe

For those who hate laundry and happen to love going au naturel, National Nude Day may just turn out to be their favorite day of the year!

History of National Nude Day

Whether heading out to a nudist beach or simply hanging out with the curtains closed at home, National Nude Day is the time that anyone can enjoy their day and celebrate – in the buff!

National Nude Day seems to have begun as a sort of a joke from a talk television show in New Zealand. TV personality and sportsman Marc Ellis challenged the viewers of his SportsCafe show to run nude in front of then Prime Minister, Helen Clark.

The idea became very popular and the show encouraged viewers to send in photos of themselves doing regular daily chores in the nude. This came around each year, often on different days or times of the year until 2009.

Even when the TV station ended the promotion, people continued on with the idea on the internet, and July 14 became the day that was referred to as World Nude Day, International Nude Day or National Nude Day.

How to Celebrate National Nude Day

Certainly this is a free day, meant to be enjoyed without the restrictions and impediments of that pesky clothing. Plus, it saves on laundry! Try out these ideas for the celebration and observance of National Nude Day:

Forget Those Clothes

Spending the day in the nude is certainly the point of National Nude Day. Perhaps this is a day you were planning to work from home anyway. And, hopefully, without any on-screen online meetings?

Those who sleep naked can just roll right out of bed and get on with their day. Just be careful when performing certain tasks, like cooking on the barbecue grill or lighting the fireplace!

Sleep Naked

People who are a bit more shy, or just those who have families or jobs, might not feel completely comfortable with running around naked all day. That’s okay! One great option for observing National Nude Day is to sleep without clothes on.

In fact, many health experts say that sleeping naked can be good for you. Increasing the quality of sleep and circadian rhythms and improving the skin, sleeping naked lowers the body temperature and generally helps people feel more rested. It may even help with feelings of self-confidence and emotional well-being.

Wear a Nude T-Shirt

Those who just can’t face the idea of being nude (or who might get ticketed for public indecency if they have to go outdoors) might want to celebrate National Nude Day by wearing a t-shirt depicting a bare-chested man with a six-pack. Many different options of these fun and frisky t-shirts can be found online or at a local gift shop.

Appreciate Some Nude Paintings

Nudity doesn’t have to be naughty or sexual. In fact, many famous artists spend a great deal of time studying the human body by drawing and painting nudes. Botticelli, Manet, Michelangelo, Matisse and Goya are just a few of the thousands of artists whose nude models have been brought to life on the canvas.

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