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Sometimes we just don’t feel at our best, and in fact for some of us that ‘sometimes’ is every day. When you’ve got a big day coming or a challenge ahead, or are just feeling down in the dumps, it may be time to Compliment Your Mirror. Day after day we hear things that can tear down our personality and self-confidence, Compliment Your Mirror Day is your reminder to show yourself a little love and remind yourself just how awesome you are. Then keep doing it day after day!

History of Compliment Your Mirror Day

Depression and broken self-esteem are some of the most dangerous things to leave untreated and unacknowledged. Every year there are people who succumb to these horrible events, and while complimenting yourself in the mirror isn’t a panacea for these dangerous things, it can at least begin the process of building your feeling of self-worth through self-talk.

It’s important to know that Compliment Your Mirror Day doesn’t just have to do with your physical, outer beauty, such a thing is ephemeral and certainly won’t last into your old age. But the person you are and how you approach the world certainly will, in fact it’s the only thing you’ll keep until your last days. So Compliment Your Mirror Day means you need to recognize all of your inner strengths and inner beauties.

Mirrors have been around for a long time, time out of mind in fact, and the first ones were made of Obsidian, if you don’t count reflecting bowls as mirrors. They’ve always been recognized as having magical properties, and one of those magical properties involved making statements of intent into them and knowing they’d come true. Compliment Your Mirror Day is your day to cast a spell over yourself by telling yourself how awesome you are.

How to celebrate Compliment Your Mirror Day

Well of course you just need to Compliment Your Mirror on Compliment Your Mirror Day, tell it how awesome and amazing you are. Everybody has their strengths and today is your opportunity to take some time to learn what they are, and then reaffirm them by pronouncing them clearly into the mirror. Smile, be proud and confident, and make sure to say it like you mean it on Compliment Your Mirror Day. Then spend the rest of the year doing the same each day, there’s nothing like Complimenting Your Mirror at the start of each day to help change your perspective and brighten your day.