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When the exams are finished and scores come out, the decisions for the future can feel a bit overwhelming, or sometimes a bit discouraging, depending on the results. National Opportunity Day is here to illuminate the alternative career options that can be taken that lead beyond the traditional or standard path. 

On this day, students are encouraged to remember that they can have a rich and successful life while embracing choices for the future that might just be a bit out of the ordinary!

History of National Opportunity Day

National Opportunity Day is geared specifically toward students in Scotland and was founded by Glasgow Kelvin College with the desire to make sure that no student feels left behind. The hope for the day is that, instead of feeling discouraged and despairing about exam results, students of all ages will be armed with the information and inspiration they need to look toward building a bright future.

This day is also meant for people who have started off in one career only to find that the choices they made as teens simply aren’t a good fit later in life. National Opportunity Day is meant to act as a reminder that it’s never too late to go back to college and work toward changing the trajectory of life’s path!

How to Celebrate National Opportunity Day

While National Opportunity Day coincides with the exam results given in Scotland, that doesn’t mean that people in other places can’t observe this day too! Check out some of these ideas for getting involved:

Think Outside the Box

Those who are interested in celebrating National Opportunity Day might want to start by thinking a little bit outside the box. This is a day to open up the mind and get creative about what different considerations a person has when making decisions about their future. This is the perfect time to shatter those beliefs that tend to be self limiting and move into free thinking that will lead to a fulfilling future. 

Go Back to School

Whether pursuing a brand new degree or taking some night classes, perhaps this would be a great time to take some courses that would allow a mid-career person to shift their direction a bit. Or, some people might decide that being a social worker isn’t for them and they want to go back to chef school or go to business school to learn how to be an entrepreneur. This is a great time to consider pursuing different education options!

Connect with Resources About Opportunity

Those who are looking for ways to get inspired for National Opportunity Day or are hoping to find some resources to help move in the right direction might be interested in reading some books, listening to podcasts or even hiring a life or career coach. Check out some of these books to get started with:

  • What Do You Want Out of Life? A Philosophical Guide to Figuring Out What Matters by Valerie Tiberius
  • Think Again by Adam Grant
  • Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? by Dr. Julie Smith

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