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Show some love and appreciation for those folks who keep the bodies of the world moving and mobile by getting involved with National Physical Therapy Month! 

History of National Physical Therapy Month

National Physical Therapy Month actually got its start in the early 1980s but it began as only a week. At the time, this week was typically observed in conjunction with the American Physical Therapy Association’s annual conference in the month of June. However, by 1992, the week had evolved into an entire month, and the celebration was moved to October.

The purpose of National Physical Therapy Month is to celebrate this profession, while raising awareness for what an important role it plays in health and modern society. From managing pain and chronic conditions to overcoming injuries by restoring movement and vital functions, physical therapists and their assistants can have a big job. And this month is the ideal time to show them some appreciation!

How to Celebrate National Physical Therapy Month

Check out some of these ideas in honor and celebration of National Physical Therapy Month:

Thank a Physical Therapist

Those who have been under the care of a physical therapist, whether for an accident, injury or illness, will likely find that their lives and mobility are much improved. National Physical Therapy Month is the perfect time to say thank you, or even write a thank you card, to a physical therapist who has had a big impact. Or, for those who have a friend or family member who works hard as a physical therapist? Take them out to lunch or for coffee to show them how much they are appreciated.

Learn Fun Facts About Physical Therapy

In honor of National Physical Therapy Month, check out some of these interesting facts about the profession:

  • Women were the physical therapy pioneers in the US, when it was officially recognized as a profession during WWII while rehabilitating injured soldiers.

  • Greek Philosopher, Hippocrates, was using some techniques of physical therapy in 435 BC.

  • In Sweden, physical therapists were called “sjukgymnasts” which translates to “gymnastics for those who are ill”.

Become a Physical Therapist

Those who are just starting out in life and are drawn to a career in the medical field may find that becoming a physical therapist is an excellent path. Or, perhaps a person has trained as a nurse and wants to make a career change and go deeper into the field of physical therapy. National Physical Therapy Month is a great time to consider whether this type of educational and career path might be right.

Check out some of these steps that lead to becoming a physical therapist:

  • First, complete a four-year bachelor’s degree program. This can be in a related field, such as chemistry, biology or physiology.
  • Next, complete a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree which usually lasts three years.
  • Pass the national and state licensure exams, based on where the person resides.
  • Complete a residency program in physical therapy or earn board certification.

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