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Show appreciation for and pay respect to those healers who practice the art and science of medicine by recognizing their hard work and celebrating them during National Physicians Week. 

History of National Physicians Week

People have been functioning in the world of healing and medicine for thousands of years. As human history has advanced, the science and practice of medicine has evolved over time, bringing the world into the modern era of physicians who treat patients for a plethora of reasons and with a wide range of treatments.

As medical doctors, physicians gain knowledge through many years of medical school and residency, often working long hours and practicing under stressful conditions. Physicians are instrumental in keeping their patients healthy and, many times, providing life-saving care. Certainly, these folks deserve a time of extra recognition, and that’s what National Physician’s Week is all about!

The movement to celebrate National Physicians Week was founded by an advocacy group called Physicians Working Together (PWT). The inaugural celebration of the week took place in 2016 and it has taken place as an annual event ever since. PWT was started online in 2007 as a way for doctors and physicians to foster connections and relieve stress from their high pressure positions in the medical field.

How to Celebrate National Physicians Week

Thank a Physician

One of the simplest ways to observe National Physicians Week is to take a bit of time to say thank you to a doctor. For patients, this might mean sending an email of thanks or writing a card and mailing it to the office. For friends and family members of doctors, this week might be a good time for some pampering and care, like bringing them their favorite coffee drink, taking them out to lunch, scheduling a massage for them or finding some other way to show they are cared for and appreciated.

Those who work in the medical field, whether as administrators, nurses or others, may want to organize an appreciation party for the physicians at work or treat them in some special way this week.

Share About National Physicians Week

Get involved and spread the news about National Physicians Week by raising awareness for this day. Bring up the conversation around the water cooler at work, mention it at the pub or talk about it around the dinner table. Get an even wider range of influence by sharing posts on social media to let more people know about National Physicians Week.

Watch a Doctor Drama 

Take a look inside the admittedly fictional world of hospitals, doctor offices and more through the lens of television. Celebrate National Physicians Day by watching a story centered around the action of healing and saving lives with one of these classic shows:

  • ER (1994-2009). One of the longest running scripted prime-time shows in the US, this one had it made when it started out featuring George Clooney and Anthony Edwards as the main doctors at this Chicago hospital.
  • Grey’s Anatomy (2005-). Running even longer than ER, Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, Sandra Oh and Patrick Dempsey have been some of the big names on this medical drama set in Seattle.
  • House (2004-2012). Played by Hugh Laurie, House is a rather uncouth doctor who solves unique medical cases. 

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