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National Saddle Hunting Day is an exciting event that brings together saddle hunters across the nation.

It celebrates the unique method of hunting from a tree saddle, which gives hunters a full 360-degree view and greater mobility.

This day highlights the thrills and challenges of this hunting style, creating a sense of adventure and community among enthusiasts.

The Reasons Behind National Saddle Hunting Day

People celebrate this day for a variety of reasons. First, it promotes awareness of saddle hunting, encouraging both seasoned hunters and newcomers to explore this technique.

It’s a chance for hunters to exchange tips, showcase new gear, and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with shared experiences.

Additionally, the event aims to foster a deeper appreciation for the outdoors and the skills involved in saddle hunting.

National Saddle Hunting Day also serves as a platform to unite the hunting community. It offers an opportunity for people to gather, share their hunting stories, and learn from one another.

This sense of belonging and shared passion is a key reason why this day is cherished by many.

By bringing people together, it strengthens the bond among hunters and promotes the continuation of this thrilling and efficient hunting method​.

History of National Saddle Hunting Day

National Saddle Hunting Day began in 2020, established by Trophyline, the company that invented the tree saddle.

The idea was to bring attention to saddle hunting, a unique method where hunters use a specialized saddle to hunt from trees. This technique offers a full 360-degree view, making it popular among deer hunters​.

National Saddle Hunting Day encourages experienced hunters to share their knowledge and stories with newcomers, fosters a sense of camaraderie, promotes the exchange of tips, and showcases new gear​.

This annual event reminds us of the skills and experiences shared among saddle hunters.

By celebrating this day, the community strengthens its bond and continues to grow, ensuring that this unique hunting method is passed down through generations​.

How to Celebrate National Saddle Hunting Day

Gear Up and Climb High

Kick-off National Saddle Hunting Day by gearing up with the latest hunting gadgets. Head to your favorite outdoor store and grab the best saddle hunting gear.

Whether it’s a new harness or the latest climbing sticks, gear shopping is always fun! Try out your new equipment by climbing your first tree of the day. Enjoy the view from above!

Join a Hunting Expedition

Nothing beats the thrill of a hunting expedition. Gather your fellow hunters and venture into the wild. Share tips, tricks, and stories while waiting for the perfect shot.

Group hunts bring camaraderie and excitement. Don’t forget to snap some photos of your adventure to share later!

Host a Workshop

Got some expert saddle-hunting skills? Share them! Host a workshop for newbies and curious friends. Demonstrate how to set up a saddle, climb safely, and hunt effectively.

Workshops are perfect for spreading knowledge and growing the community. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to meet new hunting buddies!

Share Stories and Tips

Head to social media and flood it with your best saddle-hunting tales. Use hashtags to connect with other hunters. Share tips, memorable moments, and even those funny mishaps.

Social media is a great platform to build the saddle-hunting community and inspire others to join the fun.

Plan a Feast

What’s a celebration without food? Plan a hearty feast with your hunting pals after a day in the woods. Cook up your best venison recipes and enjoy a meal together.

It’s the perfect way to end the day, full of stories, laughter, and delicious food. Celebrate the hunt with a feast fit for a hunter!

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