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Make a difference in the lives of individuals in need by getting involved with and celebrating National Salvation Army Week! 

History of National Salvation Army Week

The Salvation Army is a faith-based non-profit organization that began in London, England in 1865. In the beginning, the work included helping homeless people by setting up shelters, running soup kitchens, creating housing for women escaping abuse and much more. For more than 150 years, the Salvation Army has continued on in this work of helping the poor and marginalized, spreading its reach all over the globe.

National Salvation Army Week was originally celebrated in 1954 when it was declared by US President Dwight D. Eisenhower with the purpose of reminding Americans to give freely of themselves. Originally celebrated in early December, President Eisenhower gave a speech that recognized the contributions that the Salvation Army had provided to helping people over the years.

For the seven decades since that speech was made, the Salvation Army has continued with their dedication to serve people, particularly those fighting against poverty, in various local communities and all over the world. National Salvation Army Week aims to draw attention to this critical work and encourage more people to get involved in various capacities.

How to Celebrate National Salvation Army Week

Show some support and raise awareness about the continual needs in the communities by participating in National Salvation Army Week!

Donate to the Salvation Army

National Salvation Army Week is an important time to consider the different ways that individuals, families and groups can make a difference in the lives of people around them. The Salvation Army offers a number of different invitations for people to get involved with their work including making financial donations, whether one-time, recurring monthly, through mutual funds and stocks, as a planned will, airline miles or in some other capacity.

The Salvation Army also runs many different thrift stores where community members can take their gently used items such as furniture, clothing, household goods that can be re-sold or given to people in need. Donating a used vehicle is another helpful way to support the world of this charitable organization.

Learn Some Salvation Army Facts

In honor of National Salvation Army Week, find out more about what they do and share online to help others get connected too:

  • The Salvation Army is present in at least 134 countries

  • Each year, the Salvation Army helps more than 25 million Americans to overcome poverty, addiction and more

  • Annually, more than 8 million nights of shelter are given to people who would otherwise be without a place to stay

  • Around 155 million meals are served each year by the Salvation Army

Volunteer with the Salvation Army

An excellent way to observe National Salvation Army Week is to consider signing up to volunteer with a local branch. People in the United States can head over to the organization’s national website to find out what the different needs are in each region, state or city. Opportunities and needs may include assisting in a shelter, organizing food and clothing drives, sorting toys, providing administration assistance or a myriad of other ways to fulfill needs. Of course, during the Christmas season, there is always the need for people to ring the bell at the red donation kettle! 

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