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Bring on the seersucker suits because summer is here and it’s time for National Seersucker Day. Give a little nod to the summer fashion of yesteryear by donning a seersucker suit and getting on with the business of the day!

History of National Seersucker Day

Seersucker is a fabric that dates back to the 1600s when it became a popular fabric in India. Made from cotton, linen, silk, or a blend of these natural fibers, seersucker is a fabric that is meant to be lightweight and offer cooling capabilities. The fabric is woven on a loom that has the threads at different tensions, allowing for that signature pucker-like appearance to shine through.

The name of seersucker is a bit unique and some people are curious about its origins. As the fabric was originally made with tan and white stripes, it had an appearance that some people thought looked like milk and sugar. When spoken in the original Persian language, the term came out as “shir-o-shakar”, which eventually became “seersucker” in English. Now the fabric is made in various light or pastel colors.

In the early 1900s, businessmen in New Orleans began wearing suits made of seersucker, particularly because of the cooling quality of the lightweight fabric when compared to traditional wool suits. These business suits have been portrayed on iconic American television shows and films, such as the character “Matlock”, played by Andy Griffith.

National Seersucker Day got its start in 1996 when “Seersucker Thursday” was initiated by Trent Lott, a senator representing Mississippi. Lott wanted to bring some southern charm to the Capitol as a reminder of the style of dress before air conditioning. In 2004, women in the Senate began to participate in the tradition as well.

In 2012, National Seersucker Day took a hiatus for a couple of years due to larger issues of the government shutdown. But the day was reinstituted in 2014 when Bill Cassidy of Louisiana advocated for it along with Dianne Feinstein of California. By 2023, National Seersucker Day made history by becoming officially passed through an adopted resolution. While the day typically takes place on the second Thursday of June, it is common to see senators wearing seersucker suits on Thursdays throughout the summer months.

How to Celebrate National Seersucker Day

Consider some of these fun ways for enjoying and celebrating National Seersucker Day on this Thursday and all throughout the summer:

Wear Seersucker

The folks on Capitol Hill don’t have to be the only ones staying cool on hot summer days! The best way to celebrate National Seersucker Day might be to put on a seersucker suit. Dresses, skirts and shorts could also be part of the seersucker frenzy as well. It’s a fun way to show support for the day and this historic fabric.

Learn More About the Seersucker Tradition

Those who are interested in getting more details about the history of the seersucker suits can check out some more information on the Senate website. From their history in 1907 to the appearance of this day ninety years later, National Seersucker Day is a fun way to see senators as something other than super serious people stuffed into dark suits. Instead, this reveals more of their good humored harmony – not matter what their political views.

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