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Root beer offers a classic flavor that some might argue is part of the fabric of American culture. Take some time today to honor this iconic beverage because it’s time for National Stewart’s Root Beer Day! 

History of National Stewart’s Root Beer Day

Stewart’s Root Beer has a history that dates back to around a century ago, when soda fountains were all the rage in the United States. Frank Stewart, a teacher in Mansfield, Ohio, founded the company as a small business when he opened a root beer stand during the summer months that would eventually become a chain. By the 1950’s, Stewart’s drive-thru style restaurants became super popular and several of these remain, still serving root beer, popcorn, hot dogs and more.

Stewart’s didn’t begin bottling their root beer until 1990, but it has been found on grocery store shelves ever since. The brown glass bottle and vintage orange logo design bring a bit of nostalgia to this sweet, caramely beverage.

National Stewart’s Root Beer Day offers a super opportunity to enjoy and show appreciation for the unique and memorable flavors that come from this time-honored soft drink!

How to Celebrate National Stewart’s Root Beer Day

Get ready to raise a glass because it’s time to celebrate National Stewart’s Root Beer Day! Try out some of these ideas for celebrating:

Drink Some Stewart’s Root Beer

Certainly the best way to enjoy a warm summer afternoon on National Stewart’s Root Beer Day is to pop open a chilled bottle and enjoy! Drink it straight from the bottle or pour it into a frosty, chilled mug for the best enjoyment. The folks over at Stewart’s say that their root beer tastes like it is “straight from the barrel”, boasting a sweet, creamy flavor with hints of sarsaparilla, molasses and vanilla.

And those who want to get serious about sharing the day should be sure to buy a four-pack, six-pack or even a twelve-pack of Stewart’s Root Beer and share it with friends, family or coworkers in honor of the day!

Visit a Stewart’s Root Beer Stand

Since Stewart’s Root Beer began with its iconic fountain drinks from a root beer stand, a great way to celebrate National Stewart’s Root Beer Day might be to visit one of the remaining restaurant locations. Though the classic drive-thru style diner restaurants from the 1950s and 1960s have mostly gone by the wayside, a few of them still remain. To visit one of more than twenty Stewart’s Root Beer Stands, look for them mostly in New Jersey or a few others in Ohio, West Virginia and New York.

Try a Root Beer Taste Test

Not sure which root beer is the best? In honor of National Stewart’s Root Beer Day, gather around a group of friends or family members and host a little blind taste test to see which one is favored by the group. Of course, it would be appropriate to start with Stewart’s and then add in some other brands such as Barq’s, Dad’s or A&W. Check it out and celebrate not only Stewart’s, but all of the root beers on this day!

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