It is thought that the origins of Cherry Tart Day date back to the annual National Cherry Festival held in Michigan, USA. Cherries were plentiful in supply but their uses were limited. Although cherries are grown on several continents, they have a relatively short growing season.

In a cherry tart, the fruit is presented in an appealing open-faced crusty pastry shell with superior ingredients. Enjoy a scrumptious slice with custard or ice cream, as the pastry crumbles with the tangy cherry taste – rich in antioxidants and even thought to help inflammation.

Bake your cherry tart at home or enjoy choosing one at your local confectioner or cake shop. This Cherry Tart Day, invite friends round for tea and offer them a slice. Alternatively, give this delicious dessert pride of place after your main course, on the top shelf of the sweet trolley – and rightfully so. Delight your taste buds!

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