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It’s sweet and fruity, tasty and delicious. And it’s celebrated on this day. Welcome to National Cherry Tart Day! 

History of National Cherry Tart Day

Historically, in certain parts of the world, cherries were plentiful in supply but their uses were limited, so a number of recipes have been created to solve this issue. Although cherries are grown on several continents, they have a relatively short growing season. But while cherries are in season, modern cherry lovers can find a plethora of ways to enjoy these little red fruits with a sweet but tart flavor. And the cherry tart is the dessert that is celebrated on this, National Cherry Tart Day!

While many people may be familiar with the cherry pie as an all-American treat, the cherry tart may be slightly less well-known. In a cherry tart, the fruit is presented in an appealing open-faced crusty pastry shell with superior ingredients that leave the mouth watering for more!

Cherries have been enjoyed in the United States since the 1600s and they have been one of the major fruits of Michigan for over a century, since 1893 when the trees were introduced to the state. And the cherry tart is just one of the many ways that the state celebrates this fruit, right in the middle of cherry season!

In fact, it is thought that the origins of National Cherry Tart Day date back to the annual National Cherry Festival that is held annually in Traverse City, in the northern reaches of the state of Michigan. The day is held in mid June, just at the time when the cherries are at their finest.

So get those taste buds ready to enjoy and celebrate National Cherry Tart Day!

How to Celebrate National Cherry Tart Day

Short on ideas of how to observe this day? Have a load of delicious fun observing National Cherry Tart Day with some of these delightful and delectable plans:

Try Making a Cherry Tart

Perhaps it would be fun to get involved with National Cherry Tart Day by testing out those culinary skills in the kitchen. Whether making the pastry from scratch or using a refrigerated crust, it’s fun to make a homemade cherry tart. While some folks might want to use fresh cherries, others may be just as satisfied with a can of cherry pie filling that will render this a super quick and easy dessert! 

Make one large tart for the family or a group to slice up, or divide the recipe up into small tartlets that make it even easier to pass out and share. The baking time will likely be a bit shorter for the smaller portions, which is even more of a bonus! 

Enjoy a Cherry Tart

Whether deciding to make a cherry tart at home or enjoy choosing one from a local bakery or cake shop, this National Cherry Tart Day, invite friends round for tea and offer them a slice! It’s a perfect way to celebrate this delicious fruit that can be made into all sorts of amazing sweet treats. Enjoy a scrumptious slice of cherry tart with whipped cream or ice cream, as the pastry crumbles with the tangy cherry taste – rich in antioxidants and even thought to help inflammation.

Of course, in celebration of the day, don’t forget to give this delicious dessert pride of place after the main course, on the top shelf of the dessert cart – and rightfully so. Delight those taste buds!

Host a National Cherry Tart Day Event

Invite a few friends to celebrate this important day with a little party or event. Make it a fun diversion from work by setting up a cherry tart bake off in the breakroom at the office. Or have friends and family over to the house to share in the delight of a cherry tart themed party. No matter how it is done, make sure there are plenty of cherries – and plenty of fun!

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