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We will continue to work with agencies across the government to unleash the power of open data and to make government data more accessible and usable for entrepreneurs, companies, researchers, and citizens everywhere – innovators who can leverage these resources to benefit Americans in a rapidly growing array of exciting and powerful ways.

Todd Park

Although open data is a relatively new concept, Open Data Day helps explain it, inform people who are interested, and gives people the chance to educate themselves about government policies so that way they can understand their society better. Open data can come from anywhere and can be on any topic. Want to learn more? Read all about Open Data Day here at Days of the Year to learn more about its history and how to celebrate it.

History of Open Data Day

Open data is the idea that information should be available to use and republish as they wish without any restrictions on that information, such as copyrights and patents. This movement is similar to intellectual property rights and has gained popularity since the invention and growth of the World Wide Web. This term is relatively new and is mostly used in regards to open government data, a form of data created by government institutions. Hence, this holiday encourages people to take part and learn about open data and encourages their governments to take on open data policies.

During Open Data Day, people learn how to read analytical data so they can contribute to projects. No matter your education, this event gives people the opportunity to learn new skills and see how they can apply them to their everyday lives. Open data informs people about the societal issues present because of the research and studies involved and active every day. Through this day, people all over the world gain valuable insights that help them in the long run and help people learn to become more active in their communities and their societies as a whole.

How to celebrate Open Data Day

If you’re interested in taking part in this venture, then the one place you can start is by learning about the programs that data researchers use to analyze and give reports. Through programs such as, datazar, and zenodo, you’ll be able to understand and interpret open data in no time. Share this holiday on your favorite social media websites and let everyone know that this day gives those who love research the chance to explore issues they care about and help change people’s lives.

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