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Medical professionals are an incredible bunch, serving their patients with determination and a focus on improving their overall health. They are worthy of respect and recognition for their efforts, but during National Patient Recognition Week, the attention is turned to those they serve.

This event is an opportunity for these healthcare providers to work even closer with their patients and learn new ways they can help them live fuller lives.

History of National Patient Recognition Week

National Patient Recognition Week was created by John O’Malley in 1995 to bring attention to the importance of patients in the healthcare field. His drive was to ensure that patients were recognized as the single most important aspect of the healthcare field.

The focus of this holiday is to ensure that patients satisfaction is paramount and that healthcare providers take time to learn new ways they can improve the satisfaction of patients with their care.

The role of patients in healthcare has changed significantly throughout the years, with there being periods of time where a patient was expected to listen to their doctor without question and believe that they know best.

While physicians are highly trained everyone’s medical experience is different, and patients are now encouraged to have an active role in their healthcare and decisions surrounding it.

National Patient Recognition Week promotes the idea that patient involvement is paramount to increase patient satisfaction.

How to Celebrate National Patient Recognition Week

If you’re a physician than National Patient Recognition Week is a good time to seek additional feedback from your patients and make an effort to address the concerns the voice about their healthcare experience.

There’s always room to improve how patients feel about the treatment they receive and whether or not their voice is being heard as part of your services. Consider handing out surveys or hosting special Patient Appreciation Events to promote patient satisfaction.

If you’re a patient then it’s time to stop in and tell your physician anything that’s been concerning you about your healthcare experience. Whether you have some complaints to voice about your treatment options or just want to express how difficult it would be to replace your incredible doctor.

National Patient Recognition Week is your chance to really speak up. You don’t have to wait for this holiday to come around though! Healthcare professionals care deeply about their patients, so feel free to speak up and have your voice be heard so you can see real improvement in your treatment!

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