Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

Gloria Steinem

Formost of us planning as an obsession started in High School, where theleast concerned of us still had our class schedule written on the inside of our PeeChee’s or folders. From these seeds some of usset out on an adventure in planning, with simple day planners comingfirst, followed by planners that had hour by hour lines to plan outour day in detail. If you’re one of those for whom planning hasbecome something of an obsession, then Planner Day is for you!

History of Planner Day

Planners, the people doing the planning not the wonderful tools we use for doing it, know that there’s nothing as satisfying, nothing that brings such a sense of security, as having our day neatly planned out in our calendars. When something comes up we can avoiddouble-booking, we don’t have to worry about forgetting importantdates or appointments, and we just know that everything is rightwhere it belongs. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that those who use planners are truly organized individuals, instead, the use of a Planner is often a way to compensate for the fact that we are messy, disorganized people who need a place to put our lives in order.

Planners are used by everyone from stay-at-home parents to important corporate executives who would be lost without a carefully planned itinerary to see them through their day. They also come in every shape and size, and some people keep separate personal and business planners so their two lives can remain separate. Some planners are so serious aboutplanning that they hire people to keep track of their planners forthem! That’s some next level planning!

How To celebrate Planner Day

If you have a planner then the best way to celebrate Planner Day is by sitting down and going through it and seeing how many of your goals and obligations you met throughout the past year. If you’re one of those who have never quite taken to using a planner then it’s a great opportunity for you to start getting your life in order by learning all about them! Some people even collect planners, which can be an interesting and exciting hobby given the seemingly limitless varieties of planners that exist in the marketplace. Don’t let your life be disorganized and chaotic, start using a planner to keep your life in order and celebrate Planner Day

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