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I set up playdates, and I’m a morning greeter for the carpool line. I also make albums with the family photos. When the kids get older and go on their way, we’ll have all those pictures to revel in.

David Gregory

If you’re one of those people who believe that kids should go outside more often then this is the holiday for you. International Playdate Day is a day all about scheduling and making time for your kids to grow by playing outside. With the way technology is today, it’s easy for kids to get caught up in their games and that’s why play dating is such an important part of childhood. Read more to learn about the holiday’s history and see how you can celebrate it here at Days of the Year.

History of International Playdate Day

International Playdate Day began as an idea created by Ilona Viluma, mother and CEO of GIGI Bloks. As a mother, she has always been concerned about the use of technology kids have been using over the past decade. Feeling that kids spend too much time on their tablets and phones instead of with each other, she developed this holiday as a way to get kids to play with one another again and to get parents to start scheduling playdates for their kids so their kids can learn the social skills they need to succeed and interact with people. As part of this venture, her company, GiGi Bloks, also enforces this idea of playing by creating toys specifically designed to inspire kids imaginations with big building blocks that they can play in.

This holiday aims at bringing children and parents together through the act of playing and inspiring kids’ imaginations. According to Viluma, her concern for kids comes from observation, from the fact that kids simply don’t play outside anymore, and whether that is because of technology is up to debate in her mind. Nevertheless, parents on this day set up playdates, bring their kids together, and teach them how to play outside safely and effectively. This is a day where no games or tv is used and the kids get to just go outside and be kids.

How to celebrate International Playdate Day

If you want to celebrate this holiday, call a friend or a neighbour and set up a playdate with your kids and theirs. If the playdate helps improve your kid overall, then keep encouraging your kid to keep away from the screens every once in a while and use their imagination. If you don’t have kids but know someone who does, share this holiday on your favorite social media websites using the hashtag #playdateday and give your friends some great ideas on how to keep their kids happy and healthy.

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