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March 19th

Learn about Poultry Day

Oh yes, it’s a fowl, fowl day – Poultry Day, that is! Celebrate this whole range of domestic feathered friends that are raised for their meat and eggs by thinking about just how boring Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays would be without the addition of a turkey, chicken, duck, goose or pheasant to the table. How naked would your fancy salad be without a quail’s egg quivering at the top? How incomplete would that Chicken Pot Pie be without…well…the chicken?

It is for all these reasons and more that we pause and say thank you to poultry for enhancing our diets and giving us opportunities to fight over the wishbone, draw lots over who gets the last drumstick, and encourage sibling rivalry by letting them fight out whose turn it is to crack the egg into the cake batter. Whether it’s a honk honk, gobble gobble, or a cluck cluck, it all sounds the same to us – delicious!

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