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Pralines are a delicious set of treats that are common throughout the world, they are a rich, creamy, chocolatey treat that is the height of confectionary decadence. There are also cookies that are called pralines that share similar sets of ingredients and properties as the chocolates themselves.

National Pralines Day celebrates these wonderful little bundles of sugary joy and their history in the world. We know you don’t need an excuse to enjoy one, but on National Pralines Day you certainly have one!

History of National Pralines Day

Long long ago a French sugar industrialist, the European praline came into existence at the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte in the early 17th century. If you’ve ever seen pralines in the store that are little more than a whole almond coated in caramelized sugar, you’ve seen one of these original treats.

This simple pleasure is where it all got its start before nougat came into the picture, and as chocolate had yet to be discovered by the Europeans, neither did chocolate.

As soon as chocolate was discovered it was a no-brainer to add it to the delicious ingredient known as praline. Praline is what you get when you take the nuts mentioned above and grind them into a powder, and once you finally add the last magical ingredient that is chocolate, it becomes praline. This wonderful little mixture is what’s used to fill chocolate treats that are now known as pralines.

Belgium came across it’s pralines after being inspired by these aforementioned delicacies, but they stood apart by having a rich chocolate center that was more liquid than solid. These soft-center Belgian Chocolates come in hundreds of varieties and are a favorite of confectioners everywhere. As any chocolate aficionado will tell you, these are the absolute bees knees of the chocolate industry.

How to celebrate Praline Day

Well, the first and best way of celebrating National Pralines Day is to indulge yourself in the rich variety of flavors that are pralines. You can head down to your local candy shop and ask for samples, especially on National Pralines Day, and they’ll help you decide which batch of them you want to leave with.

Make no mistake, if you’ve never indulged in the delicious treat that is the Praline, you will be leaving with a batch of them, and be coming back for more. What’s that? You’re diabetic? No worries! So loved are the Pralines that you can actually find sugar free varieties of them that are just as delicious as the original. National Pralines Day has something for everyone!

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