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If any steak deserves to have a day set aside to celebrate, it’s definitely this one! National Prime Rib Day is a feast day in honor of this classic cut of the finest beef. Juicy, tender and filled with flavor, the prime rib cut of steak boasts a large ‘eye’ of meat that is surrounded by marbled fat, which adds to the deliciousness. 

History of National Prime Rib Day

National Prime Rib Day was established with the simple idea of showing appreciation for this exquisite cut of meat. The day is best celebrated with great enthusiasm, with family and friends gathering to enjoy the occasion. Many restaurants may also provide special menus in celebration. Prime rib, also known as ‘standing rib roast’ is located between the eighth and twelfth rib, on the upper back of the cattle.

Prime rib is best cooked on a low, slow heat, with the meat standing on the bones, so that it does not touch the roasting pan, thus ensuring its succulence. The top of the rib bones can be removed to make carving easier. Also popular on the barbecue, this delicacy is great when served with fully loaded baked potatoes or fries, mushrooms, creamed spinach and flavored gravy. And don’t forget to include some delicious bread rolls along with the meal.

One of the reasons prime rib is a bit on the pricey side is because the cut is a treasured one. In addition, the preparation of the meat is slow-cooked. Some restaurants employ slow roasting ovens where they cook their prime rib for at least 18 hours. Afterwards, the steaks are cut and then flame-grilled in order to seal in the tasty flavor. Yum!

National Prime Rib Day is just waiting to be celebrated and enjoyed with its tender and juicy flavors!

How to Celebrate National Prime Rib Day

This is the type of day that isn’t at all difficult to observe, as long as everything is happy for it to revolve around steak! Get on board with observing National Prime Rib Day with some of these delicious plans and ideas:

Go Out to a Restaurant for Prime Rib

One superb way to celebrate National Prime Rib Day might be to head out to a local steakhouse to celebrate this day right. Order up a delicious plate of prime rib with all of the fixings on the side and have a little personal celebration of the day at the table. Remind the server or manager that it’s a special day and they’ll likely want to celebrate with you!

Try Making Prime Rib at Home

On the day before National Prime Rib Day, be sure to head over to the butcher or grocery store and ask them for the finest cut of prime rib for just yourself or for the entire family. Just be sure to leave plenty of time for cooking because prime rib is best when it is slow roasted and then flame grilled.

Learn Interesting Facts About Prime Rib

National Prime Rib Day is an ideal time to brush up on some various bits of interesting trivia related to the topic of prime rib and steak. Here are some fun facts to remember and share in honor of the day: 

  • Prime Rib may also be referred to as a “standing rib roast” due to the fact that the process of roasting it is done while the rib is in the standing position. 

  • The word “prime” in the title Prime Rib is in reference to the cut of meat and is not related to the USDA rating. 

  • Prime Rib has a layer of fat on top of it, referred to as the fat cap, which is left on during cooking to provide an amazing amount of flavor. 

  • An even more intensified way to prepare prime rib is by dry aging it, which removes the moisture from the cut of beef and adds an incredible flavor profile. 

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