Prime Rib Day is a feast day in honour of this classic cut of the finest beef. Although little appears to be known about the origins of Prime Rib Day, it is best celebrated with great enthusiasm, with family and friends gathering to enjoy the occasion. Many restaurants also provide special menus in celebration. Prime rib, also known as ‘standing rib roast’ is located between the eighth and twelfth rib, on the upper back of the cattle.

Prime rib is best cooked on a low, slow heat, with the meat standing on the bones, so that it does not touch the roasting pan, thus ensuring its succulence. The top of the rib bones can be removed to make carving easier. Also popular on the barbecue, this delicacy is great when served with fully loaded baked potatoes or fries, mushrooms, creamed spinach, onion gravy, and don’t forget the Yorkshire puddings.

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