Whether it is in the closest of bonds or the farthest of distances between us, our family is some of the closest ties many of us have outside of marriage and children.

This day is to celebrate one of those very bonds, one that has sparked many stories, movies, and songs; the bond of sisterhood. So here is to you, all the sisters out there that cared for us, helped us and even helped shape us into who we are today – Sister’s Day!

History of Sister’s Day

The history of sisters is something to view back as far as time goes back. A sister was one that you confided in, asked a question to the older ones, guided the younger ones, and we’re there to help them either way during the bad times, and celebrate with them on the good times.

A sister may not be the ones born of the same mother or father, but those close enough that they might as well share your blood. In fact, the very idea of sisterhood has been around for many a millennial, with churches, covens and even groups of traveling pants forming them.

Just kidding, we all know it was a group of teenagers. But still, the idea shows merit and a bond between them that transcends even friendship.

How to celebrate Sister’s Day

A sister is one that you are close to, so telling you how to celebrate Sister’s Day is like telling you how you like your dinner prepared – best to make that decision yourself after some loosely given suggestions if you are totally in the dark.

A dinner with both of your favorite foods, going out to see a movie that brings back memories, a walk through your old stomping grounds, or even just a cup of coffee to reconnect after many years apart. All are viable ways to spend Sister’s Day, in the presence of that individual, or individuals, that you care for in that way.

That is the important thing – spend the time with your sister(s), enjoy yourselves and reclaim that bond from childhood if any of it has drifted or stretched thin. Make the time to reconnect, and remember that while we are all here, it is the bonds with one another that we share that really makes the life blossom from existence into a beautiful cornucopia of craziness we all call life.

Best to cherish each bond, each moment we have with those of us we are closest to.