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Taking place each September, National Respect Day has been created to encourage people to focus more on ways in which they can be respectful to others.

History of National Respect Day

One dictionary definition of the word respect is “a feeling of admiration for someone or something, elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievements.” And in a world where a lot of things are challenging or difficult, it’s especially important to take some time to reflect upon the things and people that are admirable and appreciated!

How to Celebrate National Respect Day

There are no rules surrounding ways in which people could celebrate this day of the year, it’s really down to personal preference. For many the day involves being more attentive to loved ones, but it can really be used as a catalyst for treating any people with a more polite approach.

Try out these ideas for celebrating National Respect Day:

Show Someone Respect

Maybe this is the day to consider taking your wife or husband out for a romantic meal if that doesn’t happen often enough. Or take some time to visit an elderly relative who is deserving of respect but actually spends a lot of time alone. In fact, a great way to learn more respect for them would be to ask him or her to tell interesting stories about their life!

National Respect Day might be a great day to endeavour to be more encouraging to others. Send a card to someone to say how much they are respected and appreciated.

Listen to Aretha Franklin

This Queen of Soul was propelled to the top of the music charts with her song “Respect”. Her recording of the 1967 hit (originally written by Otis Redding) became an important anthem for the civil rights movement in the United States.

The fun and catchy chorus to the song goes like this:

Find out what it means to me 
Take care, TCB
Oh, sock it to me, sock it to me! 

For National Respect Day, put this song on a perpetual playlist and sing it all day long. The song has had many covers since Franklin, so various options include artists like Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross or Kelly Clarkson.

Earn Respect by Being Respectable

A person who desires to be respected or honored is probably one who acts in a manner that is respectable! In order to do so, showing kindness and consideration to others is a great way to begin. Try these ideas for gaining respect from others:

  • Be Polite. This means treating others in a way that they want to be treated. From the most “important” people like a boss at work, to the less obvious folks such as the person behind the counter at the gas station, being polite and kind to everyone is a great way to earn their respect.
  • Be a Good Listener. Practicing good listening skills is a great way to show respect to others and also earn some respect. Giving others the opportunity to speak without being talked over or interrupted, and practicing active listening skills is a great start.
  • Accept Responsibility. No one is perfect. But the people who accept responsibility for their mistakes are much more respected than those who try to pass off the blame to other people. When a mistake is made, apologize, try to correct the wrong done, and move forward.
  • Do the Right Thing. Sometimes the high road can feel difficult and be costly, but always choosing to do the right thing is a huge step toward being respectable.

Mark it On the Calendar

Because of National Respect Day’s broad nature, news coverage is likely to be limited so it is advisable to just mark the date on the calendar diary and try to remember it! Obviously, practicing respect can be done on any day, but this day is a special reminder that can be shared with family and friends, at work or at school.

Of course, respect isn’t something that should only be given once a year and hopefully the day will inspire people to think more about how they treat others all year around.

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