Let’s face it, being the middle child sucks, right? You have an older sibling, who you have to somehow live up to; you have a younger sibling, who gets all of the attention, and you are left with no clearly defined role. In fact, ‘Middle Child Syndrome’ is a recognized concept and birth order is believed to impact upon various personality traits.

As the middle child, you’re not the leader, so you aren’t able to have things your own way. You’re also no longer the baby of the family, so you aren’t as protected. And you’re certainly not excused for bad behaviour. It might seem like nothing ever really goes your way.

Well, no longer. Middle Child’s Day provides a well-deserved day to celebrate those special children who were neither the first-born or the last-born. Finally, a day where you get some attention and love, at the expense of your other siblings.

(If your parents remember…)

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