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Vintage clothes have become a fashionable trend for people who love to add to their wardrobe and make their clothing style unique from the rest. National Secondhand Wardrobe Week makes cleaning out your closet easy and has the economic potential to do great things.

This holiday encourages people to shop for their favorite brands through thrift shops instead of big brand stores to help the environment and save money.

History of National Secondhand Wardrobe Week

The purchasing of second-hand clothes has been around since the 17th century; during this time, European secondhand merchants were buying and selling in vast amounts of stock, bringing in huge amounts of money, making the venture quite profitable.

In Venice for instance, courtesans procured clothing, by buying or renting, from such secondhand sources. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the use of pre-worn clothing was an experience familiar to nearly all classes in society.

While there was competitive pricing of cotton and wool fabrics that limited the appeal of secondhand clothing, it wasn’t until World Wars I and II that the profitable potential of worn clothing increased, especially for resale in developing countries.

From there, the nature of the second-hand clothing grew in appreciation, and thus, markets for second-hand clothing grew over time, creating an alternative option for clothing that encourages environmentally-conscious choices and a longer lifeline for second-hand clothing.

Celebrated since 2017, National Secondhand Wardrobe Week gives those wishing for an uphaul for their wardrobe for more unique and environmentally-friendly item a great time to do so.

In today’s economy, not only have thrift stores become popular among mainstream culture but online thrift shopping, where companies such as ThredUp and Poshmark give people the opportunity to resell their clothes to people that desire or need clothes as well as discover smaller brands that specialize in eco-friendly clothing from ethical sources.

National Secondhand Wardrobe Week allows those who shop for vintage and classy items to find them without the cost of new clothes as people all over the world go to their favorite thrift shops and refurbish their wardrobe for the better.

How to Celebrate National Secondhand Wardrobe Week

Start the week by clearing out your wardrobe, getting rid of all the clothes that you don’t use, and donate them to your local thrift shop. You can also take those clothes and sell them on websites such as Etsy, eBay, ThredUp, and Poshmark.

If you’re looking to add to your wardrobe, take the time to visit your local Salvation Army or thrift shop and search for hidden gems. If you’re involved in your local church, organize a clothing drive and get your local community involved in thrift shopping.

Share this holiday on social media using that hashtag #SecondhandWardrobeWeek and share your unique finds with your friends and family.

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