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When the Comfy was first introduced to the world on the American television show, Shark Tank, it was hard to believe how popular it would become! Basically, a wearable version of a supersoft microfleece blanket, the Comfy has a hood, a front pocket and is lined with fuzzy, fleecy sherpa goodness.

With the tagline “The original Comfy: The Blanket…That’s a Sweatshirt”, this product took the world by storm and now it has its own day worth celebrating!

History of National Comfy Day

The Comfy is a sweatshirt/blanket garment design that was created by two brothers, Brian and Michael Speciale, through their company name, The Comfy Bros. Their product was brand new in 2017, just prior to the time they appeared on the reality business television show, Shark Tank.

The inspiration and idea for The Comfy came from a moment when one of the Speciale brothers was watching his nephew sleep in one of his dad’s old sweatshirts. It just swallowed him up like a huge hoodie blanket. When wondering why they don’t make these for adults, he brought the idea to his brother and they did it.

While the Snuggie, “the blanket with sleeves” had a bit of a run in 2008 and after, it never took off because it was so ridiculous looking. But the Comfy really and truly just looks like a giant sweatshirt with a big pocket.

But National Comfy Day took about four years to emerge, appearing for the first time in 2021. And, of course, since the day is here to honor a product that is part sweatshirt and part blanket, it only makes sense that National Comfy Day would be celebrated in the middle of the dark and cold days of winter!

How to Celebrate National Comfy Day

Enjoy all things comfortable and delightful in celebration of National Comfy Day! Have fun enjoying the day with some of these ideas:

Get Comfy!

One of the most important parts of National Comfy Day is to be sure to wear something utterly comfortable and cozy. That could be a giant fleece blanket sweatshirt, of course. Or it could be something else that brings out the comfortable vibes. Yoga pants. A favorite t-shirt. Those perfectly worn-in sweatpants. No matter what it is, wear it in celebration of the day!

Get A Comfy

Getting comfy and getting a Comfy, is not actually the same thing. In this case, the idea of getting a Comfy means investing in this item that the world has gone bonkers over. In addition to coming in all sorts of colors, the Comfy can now be found in a variety of different styles, including supporting sports teams, holiday characters, Disney, Star Wars, Marvel and so many other fun options.

Gift a Comfy

In honor of National Comfy Day, give one as a gift! Pick one up – or order online – for that friend or family member who is always cold and would enjoy being enveloped in the sweetness of fleece.

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