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Hoping to improve the lives and welfare of small animal pets such as hamsters, gerbils, degus, chinchillas and mice, Small Pet Rodent Awareness Week acts as a time for pet owners and advocates to show support for these little guys! 

History of Small Pet Rodent Awareness Week

Launched in 2021, Small Pet Rodent Awareness Week (SPRAW) was founded in the UK with the purpose of giving these small animals the attention and care that they deserve. This day was founded as a collaboration with animal rescue and welfare organizations, particularly sponsored by the Greatfield Small Animal Rescue and One Voice for Animals UK.

In addition to raising awareness, the sponsors and partners of Small Pet Rodent Awareness Week are dedicated to providing resources and information that will help families care for their small pet rodents. From encouragement for adoption (instead of shopping) and fostering programs to access to tools and advices from a wide range of sources on the website, this event is all about connecting with and caring for these lively, adorable and furry creatures! 

How to Celebrate Small Pet Rodent Awareness Week

Show some appreciation for mice, gerbils, hamsters and more by celebrating Small Pet Rodent Awareness Week with some of these fun ideas:

Adopt a Small Pet Rodent

Individuals and families who are dedicated to taking care of their pets may be interested in celebrating Small Pet Rodent Awareness Week by learning more about pet adoptions. Pet rescues throughout the UK are often looking for responsible and caring humans to become owners for their rescued rodents and other small pets. But remember, pets are a big responsibility so be sure to do research and get educated, especially before giving or gifting a pet to someone else.

Learn Fun Facts About Small Pet Rodents 

In the exciting world of small pet rodents, there is much to be learned and much fun to be had! When given a healthy home, these little creatures can offer all sorts of benefits when they join a family. Check out some of these interesting facts in honor of Small Pet Rodent Awareness Week:

  • Pet mice can be very sporty and adventurous, engaging in activities such as jumping, climbing, balancing and even swimming.

  • One strange fact about gerbils is that they can actually be toilet trained! They don’t urinate very often and they are a bit choosy about where they go, so they can be trained to go in a litter box, similar to a cat.

  • All rodents, like humans, have two sets of incisor teeth in the upper and lower parts of the jaw. In many small rodents, like gerbils and hamsters, these incisors never stop growing!

  • The name “hamster” comes from a German word that means “to hoard”, in line with their habit of burrowing and collecting grains or other foods to access in the future.

Make a Donation for Animal Welfare

Small Pet Rodent Awareness Week is a partner of more than three hundred different animal rescue organizations throughout the UK. Those who are interested in celebrating by offering financial support can find a local rescue through the One Voice for Animals UK website

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