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The African-American culinary heritage is rich, enticing, and positively delicious. National Soul Food Month is there to celebrate this long and varied tradition. It is sponsored by the Culinary Historians of Chicago, a city famous for its comfort food establishments.

The term “soul food” came into wide use in the 1960s. It started out as a pretty name for dishes which utilized poor man’s ingredients like unusual cuts of meat or unpopular vegetables. However, the inimitable African-American culinary art and knack for turning these unappealing scraps into mouth-watering hearty meals soon transformed America’s view of soul food. Once a euphemism, it is now a trademark for a dining experience with satisfaction guaranteed.

National Soul Food Month also reminds us to keep traditions alive: many families celebrate with special dishes passed on over generations. Get on the soul food train and join in the culinary celebration. Feel free to extend the month – you will want to!

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