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National Sticker Day is a day to celebrate all things related to stickers, from the custom made to the everyday label. Every sticker has a story. They can be used for decoration or information depending on the situation. They can come in many different shapes, sizes and colors and can be used on a variety of things for example lunch boxes, in paper planners, lockers or notebooks. Some of them are even scented!

Whether appreciated by adults or children, stickers can be used to decorate, inform and delight. So now it’s time to learn about and celebrate National Sticker Day!

History of National Sticker Day

European merchants in the 1880’s were some of the first people to stick labels to their products in an effort to promote their goods and wares to passers by. Originally they would use gum paste to get the labels to adhere and stick: hence the name “stickers.” By the 1900’s a sticker-specific paste had been developed and was widely used, most notably on stamps, which would dry and then would be able to be re-applied when moistened.

National Sticker Day is celebrated on January 13 in honor of R. Stanton Avery, who was born on that day in 1907. It was R. Stanton Avery who invented the modern version of the sticker in 1935, launching a new company and a new industry, which is fairly impressive considering he wasn’t even 30 years old yet!

R. Stanton Avery was a rags-to-riches entrepreneur who created the first commercially feasible self-sticking, peel-off labels. In addition, Avery also founded what is now Avery Dennison Corp, to manufacture and market these handy little innovations all over the world.

These innovative products were originally manufactured in a 100-square-foot rented loft space in Los Angeles. But the demand for them increased very quickly and by the time Stanton Avery died in 1997, his corporation was evaluated to be worth tens of millions of dollars.

By the 1990s, digital printing technology turned sticker printing into something even more prolific. The ease of printing meant that short runs could be created for more custom and niche markets.

How to Celebrate National Sticker Day

This is a super easy national day to celebrate because it’s all about bringing joy through the use of stickers. Try out some of these ideas for enjoying the day, or come up with some creative ideas of your own:

Get Some New Stickers

Basic stickers can be found at almost any store that sells stationery. These are often targeted at kids, perhaps with school themes or encouraging messages. Stickers can also be special ordered online where they may be custom printed with names, pictures, or other personalized design.

Get Creative with Stickers

Interested in stickers but not sure what to put them on? The sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating and adorning various items to create a personalized and customized item. Try adding stickers to anything with a flat surface, such as a laptop computer or case, water bottle, smartphone case, video game console, travel coffee mug, cases for musical instruments, car windows, bike helmets, storage containers, journals and planners, and so much more!

Learn Fun Facts About Stickers

Impress friends, family members and coworkers by sharing these bits of trivia related to stickers:

  • The record for the world’s largest sticker ball is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2016. The ball was created in honor of National Sticker Day, ended up weighing over 230 pounds and was more than 8 feet around.
  • The world’s largest collection of stickers is owned by Nidhi Bansal. His collection, located in India, contains 102,317 pieces.
  • The classic “Hello My Name Is” sticker, often used at conferences or workshops was introduced in 1959 and is still used a great deal today.

Give Stickers as Gifts

In honor of National Sticker Day, start gifting everyone around with a special sticker! Perhaps it would be fun to play sticker fairy for a day at the office and go around placing stickers on random coworkers. Or for those who work with kids at school, in sports, or giving music lessons, be sure that every kid gets a sticker in celebration of the day!

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