There’s a holiday coming to town, and its one that will definitely be one to take note of, as it strives to fill the world with anecdotes and commentaries and memoirs. There likely isn’t a one of us that hasn’t tried journaling at some point in their lives, especially as teenagers. Remember all that cringe worthy poetry? Yep, probably still moldering away in a journal somewhere, just waiting to embarrass you with the soppy angst-ridden days of youth.

History of Notebook Day

2016 saw the inauguration of Notebook day, and sought to speak to the world about the importance of journaling and what it can do to help us. As we’ve mentioned, we know all the things we journaled about before, most of us kept one as a kid, and all the poetry we read in English class often filled us with inspiration to write our own. As we encountered the challenges of youth, especially first love, the journal began being filled with angry thoughts, deep emotions, and the general process of trying to figure out who we were and what the world would make of us. Time has come to reveal that journaling is a vitally important process that can have profound psychological effects on the one keeping it.

“The notebook and planner community is so vibrant and alive,” said Mica May, CEO of custom notebook company May Designs. “If anything, our customers have become even more dedicated to paper over the past few years. There’s this amazing connection between writing something down that you can’t get typing it into your phone or laptop.” The power of paper has yet to decline, and in certain circles is being raised in unexpected ways. CEO’s in technology driven Silicon Valley are jumping on the cellulose bandwagon, choosing paper notes over digital apps. There’s just something that comes into perspective when you see it down on paper.

How to celebrate Notebook Day

Grab yourself a notebook and bust it open, start writing down all the thoughts and worries of your day and see them put into a form that makes them manageable. Got an idea forming? Jot it in the corners or write it out in complete detail so that you never miss a beat. Idle and bored? Let your hands do the walking and doodle on the page, psychologists reveal that a lot can be shown by what a person chooses to doodle. Whatever you do, Notebook Day is the best day to open up those old journals, read our old thoughts and see how we changed, and open up a new page in our lives by starting a new one!