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Show some love and celebrate the folks whose job it is to get the food to the people’s homes by getting involved with and supporting Supermarket Employee Day! 

History of Supermarket Employee Day

Supermarkets have been around in the United States since 1918, with the first being the Piggly Wiggly in Memphis, Tennessee. Since then, employees of supermarkets have been working hard to keep the food stocked on the shelves, the produce fresh and the various other supplies available as needed.

Supermarket Employee Day is a newer event, starting only in 2021 when it was founded by the Food Industry Association of the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), with the purpose of celebrating the “supermarket heroes” throughout the nation with the recognition they deserve. The day was founded with a great deal of support, with a number of different US states having made their own proclamations about the day.

With state and national programs, Supermarket Employee Day has been supported by various organizations and agencies. Different stores and companies held campaigns with award sweepstakes, employee nominations, headquarter parties, gratitude efforts, social media campaigns and much more.

Each year as Supermarket Employee Day is celebrated, it grows in scope and popularity.

How to Celebrate Supermarket Employee Day

Show some appreciation for those who make it possible for local families to have food by sharing in the celebration of Supermarket Employee Day with some of these ideas:

Thank a Supermarket Employee

Take some time to show appreciation and thank those who make sure the family gets food on Supermarket Employee Day! If there’s a favorite person behind the butcher counter or in the deli at the local supermarket, perhaps this would be a great time to go a bit out of the way and tell them how much they are appreciated. Let the cashier know, as well. And even be sure to thank the greeter who stands at the door to say hello and then checks the receipt on the way out!

Host an Event

On Supermarket Employee Day, those who are managers or owners of supermarkets should make sure that they are showing all the appreciation to their employees. Make some plans in advance so the whole management team is ready to make a big deal out of their whole team.

Decorate the break room with a bunch of fun appreciation banners, posters, balloons and more. Provide special snacks, cookies, cakes and more for the employees to enjoy throughout the day. And even consider sending special swag bags home with everyone filled with goodies and treats. It’s even possible to order swag like buttons and more with special logos, as well as getting access to toolkits for the day, through the FMI website

Advocate for the Day

Folks who are interested in their state or local government becoming supporters of the Supermarket Employee Day can advocate with their representatives to make a proclamation. Check out online resources that offer a sample proclamation through FMI.  

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