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With the world becoming more and more digitized every day, there is a group of people that has rather suddenly become one of the most important groups of people in the world: systems engineers.

Systems engineers make enormous contributions to the world as we know it every single day, allowing us to live the increasingly comfortable lives we are accustomed to, and neither our personal nor our professional lives would be the same without them.

Systems engineers work on numerous complex projects: spacecraft design, computer chip design, robotics, software integration, and bridge-building. The computer you’re using right now to read this article would not exist if it weren’t for systems engineers, nor would the plane you’re taking to go to your exotic holiday destination, and nor would the bridge you need to cross to get to work every day.

History of International Systems Engineer Day

The term systems engineering first appeared in Bell Telephone Laboratories in the 1940s. Today, 75 years later, systems engineering has been divided into many fields and sub-fields including cognitive systems engineering, industrial engineering, mechatronic engineering, reliability engineering, security engineering, and software engineering, to name but a few.

International Systems Engineer Day was created just recently by the folks at as a way of saying thank you to the men and women who sit in front of computers for hours every day to make our lives better and easier.

How to celebrate International Systems Engineer Day

If you yourself are a systems engineer, today is your day, so make the most of it: maybe it’s high time you took a day off and looked at a real landscape instead of the Windows desktop ones. Relax your eyes, enjoy the fresh air, have a picnic! Or if you fancy a more social situation, why not get together with your other systems engineer buddies and just have some beers, hang out and laugh at jokes only you understand?

If, on the other hand, you’re not a systems engineer, this is your chance to show the systems engineers in your life some appreciation. The folks at have plenty of suggestions about how you can do this.

  • invite them for a few drinks on the house after work
  • let them take an early afternoon off or late morning in
  • bring in some morning/afternoon treats like donuts or a few cans of their favorite soda
  • alternately, bring in some nice bottles of wine or a couple of cases of their favorite beer to take home
  • get them tickets to an upcoming movie
  • order a big cake for the entire team to share
  • put out a company notice/intranet post acknowledging the work they do
  • remember that even a simple pat on the back, high five and just saying thank you can go a long way!

So don’t let another year go by without saying thank you to the people who help make our world a better place every single day and celebrate their achievements!

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