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While off-the-rack clothes may have become commonplace, even among some of the best dressed folks in fashion magazines, the tailor still plays an integral part in ensuring that some people look their very best. And National Tailors Day is just the ideal opportunity to say “thank you” to them.

History of National Tailors Day

National Tailors Day is a day where people are encouraged to dress their best and to reach out and thank the person that helps them achieve their high level of sartorial elegance!

There is no doubt that the skill of a good tailor is a mysterious, almost magical thing. They can create the perfect outfit, for any event, and can make even the most casual dresser appear elegant and attractive. In addition, a tailor can also hem, take in, let out and just generally make everything fit just like it was made for you! So it stands to reason, therefore, that they should be properly celebrated.

Celebrated on the first Wednesday in the month of June, National Tailors Day is intentionally set to be near the birthday of a very significant person in the work of tailors: Elias Howe. Born on a Wednesday in early June, Mr. Howe was an American inventor credited with the creation of a sewing machine that revolutionized the garment industry. He received the patent for this lock-stitch method of sewing machine in 1846 and Howe went on to become a millionaire.

While some people might believe that having a tailor is a luxury that is only meant to be used for formal wear or business suits, it’s important to remember that many types of clothing are made more appealing and attractive when they’ve been fitted by a tailor. So it’s time to give these special folks a little appreciation on National Tailors Day!

How to Celebrate National Tailors Day

From just giving a little thank you to a local tailor to taking the time to order a custom made suit, National Tailors Day is the perfect time to show appreciation for these amazing sewing masters. Enjoy celebrating the day with some of these interesting and fun ideas: 

Wear a Tailored Suit

Arguably the best way to celebrate the day, and to show thanks, is to wear a suit or outfit that was professionally tailored to fit. Don’t have one? Well, then perhaps National Tailors Day is exactly the time to remedy this problem! Call on over to a local tailor, make an appointment, and let them do what they do best: make a custom suit.

Arranging for a new suit could be considered an appreciable means of showing love for a tailor, because it means that they will be enjoying new custom and the sale of their skilled service.

Show Appreciation to a Tailor

Some people who are especially grateful for the relationship they have with this master of fabric and needles may choose to buy cards and even gift baskets for their tailors. Those who have a personal friend or family member who is in the profession might want to have flowers delivered with a little card that shows them how important they have been to making everyone in their world look amazing!

Watch Some Tailors on the Big Screen

Get inspired for National Tailors Day by watching some entertaining and interesting stories about fictional and real tailors and dressmakers. Check out some of these films and movies that have captured them:

  • The Outfit (2022). This crime drama film tells the story of a simple English tailor who works in a Chicago shop that caters to mobsters.
  • Men of the Cloth (2013). A documentary sharing the inside story of three Italian masters who share secrets of their passionate artistry while they seek to maintain their Old World style in an ever-changing modern world.
  • The Dressmaker (2015). Kate Winslet stars in this comedy drama depicting a woman dressmaker who returns to her small Australian town.
  • Phantom Thread (2017). This drama is centered around a tailor and dressmaker from 1950s London.

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