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A day for people to show appreciation for missionaries by inviting them out for lunch or dinner and spending time with them, Take a Missionary to Lunch Day is celebrated each year on January 14. The purpose of the day is to encourage people to get to know missionaries and learn about their work, as well as to offer them a small token of appreciation for the sacrifices they make in serving others.

History of Take a Missionary to Lunch Day

Missionaries are individuals who are sent by religious organizations to spread the teachings of their faith and to provide spiritual and practical assistance to people in other countries or regions. The history of missionaries dates back to ancient times, when various religious groups sent emissaries to spread their beliefs and convert others to their faith. Missionary work has played a significant role in the spread of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and other major world religions. In modern times, missionaries continue to play a vital role in bringing education, healthcare, and other forms of aid to people in need around the world. They also work to promote understanding and harmony between different cultures and faiths.

It’s unclear when Take a Missionary to Lunch Day was first established or who originated it. It does not appear to be a widely known or widely observed holiday, and there is limited information available about its history or background, though it is possible that the day was created by a group or organization as a way to raise awareness about the work of missionaries and to inspire people to support and appreciate them. It may have also been intended as a way for people to learn more about different cultures and ways of life, as many missionaries work in foreign countries and expose people to new ideas and perspectives.

How to Celebrate Take a Missionary to Lunch Day

Take a Missionary to Lunch Day is celebrated in a variety of locations around the world, as missionaries can be found working in many different countries and regions. It’s also likely that people of all ages and backgrounds may participate in the holiday, as it’s a simple and meaningful way to display support for missionaries. Anyone can celebrate Take a Missionary to Lunch Day by simply inviting a missionary out for a meal and taking the time to get to know them and learn about what they do. Here are some ideas for ways you may want to celebrate Take a Missionary to Lunch Day:

Take a Missionary to Lunch (or Breakfast, or Dinner)

Invite a missionary from your local church to join you for a meal at a restaurant or in your home. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the person’s work and to ask them questions about their experiences. Bring along a few friends or family members to join in the conversation.

Bring Missionaries Together

Plan a potluck or barbecue at your local community center and invite missionaries from the area to join in. This is a fun way to bring people together and to show support for the missionaries in your community. You could also consider organizing activities or games to add to the festivities.

Make a Donation

Consider making a donation to a missionary organization or charity in honor of Take a Missionary to Lunch Day. By showing support for the important work that missionaries do, it can help to make a difference in the lives of people in need.

Find Out More About Missionaries

Take some time to learn about the culture and customs of the country or region where a missionary you know is working. This could involve researching the area online, reading books or articles about the culture, or trying out traditional recipes or crafts. This is a great way to show your interest in and support for the missionary’s work, and it can also help to broaden your own understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

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