Teachers’ Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of the role played by teachers all over the world. They dedicate their lives, often for a very low salary, to making an impact on the way children learn and grow and turn into adults.

]The responsibility for educating future generations is not a light one by any means, so show some for these dedicated and important people not just on Teachers’ Day, but throughout the whole year!

History of World Teacher’s Day

Different types of days have been created in honor of teachers all over the world. The idea became popular back in the 19th century when various local educators were honored. They may have happened on various dates but they have one thing in common: the celebration and appreciation of teachers. 

Putting all of this together, UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) proclaimed that the first World Teachers’ Day would be celebrated on October 5, 1994. Various ceremonies and honors are given for teachers of the world who have surpassed expectations for the profession. Many countries hold competitions where special educators can be nominated to win the important title of teacher of the year.

World Teachers’ Day is now celebrated in more than 100 countries.

How to Celebrate World Teachers’ Day

Getting involved with World Teachers’ Day is super fun and can be pretty simple too! Try out these ideas for honoring and celebrating teachers, or come up with some other creative ideas:

Tell a Teacher ‘Thank You’

Dozens of ways are possible to tell a teacher how much they are appreciated. And the more creative the way, the more they will appreciate the gesture! From giving them a card or gift to writing a poem or creating a piece of artwork, teachers are happy when they know that their students are learning something and their work is not in vain.

Throw a Party for Excellent Teachers

Parents at the local school can get together to thank educators by throwing them a special reception or party. Ideas might include offering refreshments, holding a special program (songs, poems, or other recitals made by students), and offering each teacher a gift made by the students. 

Every year the theme for World Teachers Day changes, so do a little online search to find out what this year’s theme is and then create the event around that theme!

Make a Donation to an Education Organization

Many non-profit organizations have been created to help teachers, particularly those who work in underprivileged areas. Celebrate by making a donation in honor of a favorite teacher to one of these charities:

  • Education International. This global federation represents more than 32 million teachers and educators around the world.
  • Association for Childhood Education. With the mission to develop and amplify education solutions, this organization promotes education as the pathway for a sustainable future.
  • Global Partnership for Education. The largest global fund that is dedicated to serving those in lower-income countries, this group aims for every girl and boy, all over the world, to have access to opportunity, hope and agency.
  • The Education Trust. Advocating for high academic achievement for all students, this American organization helps to advocate for and close the gaps with students of color and/or those who have low-income backgrounds. h

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