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The National Dog Show, a highlight for dog lovers and families across the country, lights up the Thanksgiving holiday with joy and excitement.

Broadcast nationally, this event falls on Thanksgiving Day, making it a perfect watch post-Thanksgiving parade. Specifically, this day of furry fun and competition takes place on the fourth Thursday of November every year.

Why do people celebrate this day by attending the National Dog Show? It’s not just about seeing which dog wins Best in Show. The event brings together over 2,000 dogs from 205 breeds, competing across seven categories: sporting, hound, working, terrier, toy, non-sporting, and herding.

Viewers enjoy a spectacle of diversity and skill, showcasing the best of each breed. It’s a chance to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of various dog breeds, learn about their characteristics, and witness the incredible training and grooming that goes into preparing for such a prestigious event​​.

Moreover, the show fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among dog enthusiasts. It’s one of the few benched dog shows in the world, meaning all competing dogs stay onsite throughout the day.

This setup allows attendees and viewers a closer look at the dogs and interaction opportunities, creating an atmosphere of shared enthusiasm and love for dogs.

It’s a celebration of the bond between humans and their canine companions, highlighting dogs performing various societal roles, from companionship to therapy​.

History of National Dog Show Broadcast

The National Dog Show has a rich history that spans over a century, becoming a cherished Thanksgiving tradition for many across the United States.

It all began in 1897, marking the start of an annual event that showcases the beauty, agility, and personality of various dog breeds. By 1933, the show was established as a yearly event, solidifying its place in dog show history.

Since 2002, the National Dog Show has found its spot on television screens every Thanksgiving Day, immediately following the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

This broadcast has made the National Dog Show the most viewed dog show in the country, bringing the excitement and competition of purebred dogs into the homes of millions​. The Kennel Club of Philadelphia presents it and takes place at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.

The show is unique because it’s sanctioned by the American Kennel Club, meaning it features only purebred dogs from recognized breeds.

Over 2,000 dogs compete, but only one can win the coveted Best in Show title. However, there are many awards up for grabs as dogs go through a maximum of three rounds of competition, starting with the breed level and moving up to group stages and the final Best in Show​​.

John O’Hurley and David Frei have been the faces of the broadcast since its inception, providing commentary, analysis, and behind-the-scenes insights. Their presence has helped make the show not just a competition but a celebration of the canine world, enjoyed by audiences nationwide​​.

This tradition highlights the physical attributes and standards of various breeds and celebrates the special bond between dogs and their humans, promoting a deeper appreciation for man’s best friend.

How to Celebrate National Dog Show Broadcast

Celebrating the National Dog Show Broadcast is like throwing a party for pooch pals and human friends alike. Here’s how to make it a day to remember with a dash of quirky fun:

Dress to Impress

Why should humans have all the fun? Get your furry friend into the spirit by dressing them in a bowtie, tutu, or mini tuxedo.

Imagine your couch potato as a dapper doggo, all set to critique the contestants with a discerning eye. The goal is to mirror the elegance and poise of the show’s participants.

A Feast Fit for a Canine King

Whip up some dog-friendly treats and a special meal for your four-legged judges. Think peanut butter cupcakes or a savory meatloaf that’ll have them drooling more than the sight of a squirrel.

For the human guests, keep the theme going with bone-shaped cookies and “popcorn.” This culinary homage ensures everyone’s tail is wagging.

Scorecards for Paws

Hand out scorecards to your guests and let them rate each contestant. Add categories like “fluffiest fur,” “most wag-worthy tail,” or “best bark.”

It’s a fun way to get everyone involved and see which pooch wins the heart of your home audience. Plus, it sparks lively debates on the finer points of paw-dicure and tail-wagging techniques​​.

Walk It Out

During commercial breaks, why not lead your dog in a parade around the block? Dress your dogs in show-worthy outfits and let them strut down your street.

It’s a great way to stretch those legs, meet fellow dog lovers, and show off your pup’s runway-worthy walk. Who knows, your neighborhood might just crown its own “Best in Show.”

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