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Harness the emotional power that greeting cards provide by sending one in honor of Thinking of You Week! It’s an ideal time to let a special someone, or several special someones, know that they are loved and cherished…just because.

History of Thinking of You Week

Thinking of You Week was established in 2014 by the Greeting Card Association (GCA), which is a non-profit organization in the United Kingdom that represents, protects and promotes the British greeting card industry. After its initial launch in the UK, the sentiment behind Thinking of You Week has spread to other places. By 2018, the GCA had brought the event to the United States and since then it has grown in popularity around the world.

In the US, Thinking of You Week has partnered with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to promote the activity of sending handwritten, personal cards and letters in celebration of the day. It’s even possible to watch a YouTube video that was created by the USPS just for this purpose!

The idea behind this week is to take seven little days out of the year to buy or make some greeting cards, write in them, pick up some stamps and drop the cards off at the post office to be mailed. And the hope behind the day is to create a wave of caring, love and happiness that can be sent all around the world!

How to Celebrate Thinking of You Week

Get involved with this delightful celebration by implementing some of these plans and ideas in honor of Thinking of You Week:

Send a Greeting Card

The idea behind Thinking of You Week is communicated in its simple theme: Send a Card, Deliver a Smile. With the advent of the internet and text communication, the opportunity to send and receive handwritten cards and letters seems fewer and further between. This week was founded with the concept that it brings a smile to anyone’s face when they receive a greeting card in their mailbox. It’s not for a birthday or an anniversary. It’s just because someone is thinking of them. And that’s worth smiling about!

Make Handcrafted Cards

Those who are more creative and crafty may be interested in taking some time out during Thinking of You Week to get into paper crafting. Whether painting small cards with watercolors or performing intricate paper cutting procedures that result in a pop-up card, this is a fun time to get those creative juices flowing!

Host a Thinking of You Week Event

Those who are excited about Thinking of You Week and want to get more involved in this delightful event that helps make the world a happier place can host an event of their own. The website for the event offers a toolkit that includes a number of resources such as flyers, tip sheets, logos, downloadable graphics, email banners and more for individuals, groups and businesses who are supporting and promoting Thinking of You Week.

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