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Sometimes you find yourself in that most difficult of positions, having to navigate your way through two positions of equal delicacy. Maybe you have to find a way to navigate the desires of two family members in an attempt to please both, perhaps you’re a public official trying to do the same for your constituency.

Whatever the case, Thread the Needle Day is a day to show respect and appreciation for those who have to do this every day and encourages those in this position to continue to try to find the middle way.

Learn about Thread The Needle Day

There are a lot of different meanings for threading the needle. So, we will help you to understand this a bit better. Firstly, we have the literal sense of the word, which is about taking a thread and guiding it using a sewing needle! This is pretty self-explanatory, right?

However, the phrase has then been used for a number of other instances as well. We then have the metaphorical sense, which is what this day is highly focused on. This is about finding a path through two views that are contrasting to one and other. There are many different ways that this can apply to people’s lives. 

There are then different uses of threading the needle, which aren’t as common, but are still used by some people around the world. For example, this is a phrase that we often see used in sports. It can be employed to describe a tight space within the ball that needs to be moved through. It is also used in yoga.

This is a pose, which is also known as the para balasana. If you are a fan of yoga, you can research this move online and give it a try yourself on Thread The Needle Day! Plus, this is also a game move people use on billiards. It is a term to describe the ball being shot precisely through a pathway that is narrow. 

History of Thread The Needle Day

Thread the Needle Day obviously came from the concept of attempting to navigate ones way through a narrow aperture, such as that on the head of a needle. It isn’t at all uncommon for us to find ourselves in a difficult place between two friends, where extreme politicking is necessary to find a way to satisfy both without becoming the enemy of both. That’s the two ways threading the needle can go, either you slide through the aperture easily, or you get pricked by the other end. Never an envious place to be.

The term is often used by politicians, to describe that metaphorical struggle that is navigating a path through two opposing ideas held by different parts of their constituency. Have you ever found yourself in a position like this? Dealing with family or friends? If so, tread carefully and continue to work to find that way between.

It may be difficult, but it’s always worth it. Not every difficult situation must result in a decision made one way or the other, threading the needle allows you to find a delicate path between the two, and if handled correctly, can stitch them together through their similarities.

How to celebrate Thread The Needle Day

The best way to celebrate Thread The Needle Day is by looking at your life and seeing if you’re dealing with a situation such as this. It happens far too often that we have to deal with them, and even more often that it appears that the only way out is to pick one side or the other.

Thread The Needle Day reminds you of the third, more delicate path. Successfully navigated you can bring together people who were in opposition to each other, and help weld family and friends together where the idea may have previously torn them apart.

There are so many different ways that you can celebrate Thread the Needle Day. You can decide to take this day in a literal sense and enjoy some fun activities relating to thread! Why not grab out the sewing machine and overcome your fears here? There are so many different activities and crafts that you can try out with a sewing machine and some thread.

You do not even need to have a sewing machine; you can decide to go down the route of doing it by hand. It may take a bit longer, but you will be entertained for hours, and you will certainly be proud of the outcome as well. 

As mentioned earlier, though, a lot of people use threading the needle as a term when they are talking about something that is difficult to navigate through. If you and another person are at loggerheads, for example, because you have contrasting views on something, why not use this date to try and see their side of the story?

Try and find a happy medium and come together so that you can resolve your conflict. Although it may seem like you are on two different pages entirely, there is a way that you can find a resolution and come together. 

Of course, you may decide to use Thread The Needle Day in order to focus on difficult plays in sports that you have not been able to master. This is what threading the needle is all about. Finding that way to the other side! You will certainly feel a sense of accomplishment once you have. So, all that is left for us to say is good luck!

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