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They were the hallmark of movie watching in our youth, carrying films home from our local Blockbuster for a night of family fun and entertainment. Together we’d gather around the huge cathode ray tube TV’s in our living room, not even thinking to complain about the static lines that occasionally would run across the screen from a movie that had been worn with love from rewatching. VCR Day comes each year to remind us to take some time to appreciate the nostalgia of the tech of yesteryear.

History of VCR Day

The VCR actually came along a lot earlier than most people think, first being developed in 1956 and sent into the world. It was until 1970 that this technology actually became readily available for the home user. As anyone who lived through that era knows, the technology absolutely boomed at that time and soon it was part of the world we lived in. Cassette tapes appeared in every home, and people began collecting all their favorite movies in the latest format.

But that wasn’t all, as the technology improved hand held recorders became available, and family events began being taken down for posterity. From family holidays to weddings and funerals, everything was being recorded in the VHS format. Even events on TV were being recorded, and what was once a case of ‘miss your show, wait for the rerun’ became a case of ‘I have no idea how to program this VHS recorder to record what I watch’. So ubiquitous was this that it actually became a measuring stick for people’s intelligence “Oh your father will never be able to do that, he can’t even program the VCR!”

How to celebrate VCR Day

Well celebrating VCR day is simple, you just need to dig up your old VHS recorder and a few of your favorite movies. We know you have them stashed away in the attic somewhere, planning on transferring them to DVD ‘eventually’. Instead take the time to dust them off, microwave up some popcorn and gather together with friends and family to take a stroll down memory lane. By the end of the night no doubt you’ll have experienced a powerful trip of nostalgia, while simultaneously gaining a strong appreciation for the advancements of technology. Never fear, no amount of HD TV is going to be able to replace these relics of yesteryear, and they’ll appear just as amazing and grainy as always. Though you might need an adapter, they didn’t come in HDMI. Happy VCR Day!