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Thu 18th Jan, 2018 will be...


The Thursday of the third full week of January
  • 18th Jan, 2018
  • 19th Jan, 2017
  • 21st Jan, 2016

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One for the ladies, and a day for husbands to squirm, perhaps. Whilst waking your spouse on Women’s Healthy Weight Day to proclaim your whole-hearted approval of her size may garner some testing looks, it is unequivocally an occasion for female empowerment. Though now an international affair, unsurprisingly it originated in the United States, where whooping it up whilst tipping the scales can be done with a unique Stateside joie de vivre.

For the rest of the world it has become a more modest day of reflection and a chance to highlight the lady behind the shallow stereotypes they often suffer. In short, it’s a day for the gals get together and celebrate one another in any way they choose. Brunch, barbecue, cheese and wine? At the risk of stating the obvious, it might also be renamed International Diet Amnesty Day. Or for the gents, International Walking On Eggshells Day!

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