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This one is particularly for the ladies and also, perhaps, a day for husbands to squirm! Although a husband waking his wife on Women’s Healthy Weight Day to proclaim a wholehearted approval of her size may garner some strange looks, this day is unequivocally an occasion for female empowerment.

History of Women’s Healthy Weight Day

Though Women’s Healthy Weight Day is now an international affair, it originated in the United States, where weight loss and gain has a particular focus at the beginning of the calendar year. This day was founded by Francie Berg through an organization called the Healthy Weight Network, which is an organization that focuses on the fact that losing weight can be a risky behavior.

In her book, Women Afraid to Eat: Breaking Free in Today’s Weight-Obsessed World (1999), Frances Berg offers an alternative to America’s growing obsession with being thin and waif-like. Calling out issues like size prejudice, eating disorders, dysfunctional eating and obesity, the book offers a foundation upon which Women’s Healthy Weight Day can be celebrated in an informed and educated way!

Growing from its roots in the United States, Women’s Healthy Weight Day has spread throughout the world as it has become a modest day of reflection and a chance to highlight the lady behind the shallow stereotypes they often suffer. As cultural shifts continue to take place, celebrating this day is one important part of the support that can be given to women’s health!

How to Celebrate Women’s Healthy Weight Day

Considering ways to celebrate and show appreciation for Women’s Healthy Weight Day? Check out some of these ideas for making the most of the day:

Create New Mindsets About the Body

Retraining the mind after decades worth of cultural and marketing influence about what it means to be beautiful can be hard work! But it’s possible and necessary for women. Women’s Healthy Weight Day is a time for women of all ages to practice acceptance and self-love. It’s particularly important to retrain our daughters and young women of the future when they are young.

Instead of being obsessed with weight loss and dieting, create a new mindset and new habits around the idea of being healthy and whole, inside and out. Basics like taking a walk, staying hydrated and showing your body some love are really good first steps. Looking in the mirror and reflecting back love for your body is a great practice for a woman to try out!

Re-think Those Influencers

Today’s world has a tendency to place certain body types in the forefront, sending the message that thin is acceptable. But a subtle shift is taking place that empowers women and girls to choose which body types they want to promote. On social media, say “no” to those brands or influencers who only have stick-thin models or who promote ads for dieting. Instead, start supporting and making purchases from brands that feature a variety of women. A quick online search will open up a whole new world of body-positive influencers and brands to help make changes in the direction of Women’s Healthy Weight Day!

Focus on Non-Body Compliments

One important way to celebrate Women’s Healthy Weight Day is to stop focusing so much on weight! Instead of commenting on a person’s appearance and body, whether positive or negative, give compliments that are about other parts of the person. Just start looking for a person to be more than their body and try some comments like these:

  • “I really love the way you bring joy to the room when you arrive.”
  • “You are so good at listening attentively and you make me feel seen.”
  • “I see how hard you’ve been working to gain emotional health and I’m really proud of you.”

Read Frances Berg’s Book

Since Women’s Healthy Weight Day was established by the author of Women Afraid to Eat: Breaking Free in Today’s Weight-Obsessed World, perhaps it would be a good idea to celebrate the day by getting a copy of the book to read. Learn some principles about why dieting isn’t the answer and some healthier ways to see women’s bodies. It might even be fun to start a book club with a few friends to read and discuss the book together!

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