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An American icon in the world of automobiles, the Corvette represents freedom, speed and victory. Learn more about the history of this classic car and celebrate it on National Corvette Day!

History of National Corvette Day

Emerging as the unique sports car design in an otherwise rather boring line of vehicles for General Motor’s Chevrolet brand, the Corvette brought a new vibe in 1953. Premiering at New York City’s GM Motorama Show, the Corvette was a sports car that came off the Flint, Michigan assembly line a few months later–on June 30.

The original model of this car got off to a slow start – selling only 183 out of the original production of 300. But when the 1957 Corvette Super Sport was born, it quickly became legendary with its V-8 engine and up to 225 horsepower. Since that time, the Corvette has been a symbol of speed and sport for several generations.

The Corvette logo is two flags on crossed poles. One of the flags is checkered to symbolize the race, while the other is the American stars and stripes flag to symbolize the place of its production.

National Corvette Day is celebrated on June 30, giving a nod to the day the first Corvette rolled off the assembly line back in 1953. It was in June 2008, in honor of the 55th anniversary of this classic car, that the United States House of Representatives passed a resolution that the day would be known as National Corvette Day.

How to Celebrate National Corvette Day

For car lovers, National Corvette Day is a simple one to enjoy, complete with delightful activities such as:

Visit a Car Museum or Exhibit

Enjoy the fun of National Corvette Day by taking a look at some classic cars. Of course, the ideal place to visit on this day would be the National Corvette Museum located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Established by a non-profit foundation in 1994, this museum exists to celebrate, preserve and educate about the past, present and future of the Corvette.

It’s also possible to become a member of the museum, joining almost 40,000 other Corvette enthusiasts from all over the world. Individuals, families, businesses and clubs can all join on different levels, whether annually or even for a lifetime. Members have access to free admission, magazine subscriptions and discounts as well as other fun benefits.

Enjoy a Local Celebration

Many Chevrolet and GM dealers in different locations will host open houses and events for community members to visit and look at different models of Corvettes that might be on sales floors. Or perhaps they will use the day to bring in some models that are normally in private collections.

Drive Your Corvette

Of course, the most obvious answer to celebrating the day for Corvette owners is to take a little spin. Convertible owners can even roll down that top and make the neighbors jealous. Or, even better, offer to take them for a short ride around the block and make it a time for everyone to get in on the celebration of National Corvette Day!

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