Quick Facts

Every June 3rd

The bicycle is one of the most important inventions in the history of the planet. It provides millions of people with a means of transport powered by nothing other than their bodies. 

World Bicycle Day the United Nation’s attempt to recognize the vital importance of the bicycle across the globe. The bike has helped many families across the world to get access to cheap and reliable transportation.

Cycling is an environmentally sound, safe and healthy way to travel from A to B. It’s something that we need to do more of if we want to protect the world against the ravages of unsustainable CO2 production. 

History of World Bicycle Day

The United Nations launched World Bicycle Day for several reasons. The first was to recognize the sheer transformative impact of the bicycle on society. Pedal cycles give even the poorest people in the world access to transport services. Bikes allow them to visit friends, collect water, and buy groceries. The bicycle is a long-serving mode of transportation which has helped practically every human community worldwide. 

The second purpose is to highlight the sustainability of bicycle transport. If everybody rode bicycles around cities, there would be less traffic congestion, fewer fatal accidents, and no carbon emissions or pollution. More exercise would also lead to an improvement in health,  reducing pressure on health systems.

The third purpose is to highlight the fact that many cities ignore the needs of pedestrians and cyclists. Policymakers have a bias towards the motor vehicle, serving its needs instead of the needs of those using environmentally-sound alternatives. World Bicycle Day, therefore, is a chance to raise awareness of the benefits of cycling and promote measures to ensure better sharing of the roads. 

The fourth purpose is to help save lives and reduce poverty. Investing in pedestrian and cycle routes in cities can help cut the rate of deaths while also taking traffic off the roads and investing in safer modes of intra-city travel. Promoting cycling can also help to reduce poverty. By giving the poorest members of community access to transportation, they can more easily commute to places of work. 

How to celebrate World Bicycle Day

Celebrating World Cycle Day is easy. There are all kinds of things that you can do. 

First, you can donate to a cycle scheme. Many nonprofits are looking for ways to increase the number of bicycles that people use in developing countries. It’s seen as a cheap solution that makes transporting food and water around much more manageable. 

Second, you can cycle to work, college or school, on your bicycle instead of using the car. Using a bicycle will help you cut down on CO2 emissions. 

Third, you can encourage other people to use their bicycles to get around town by sharing World Cycle Day hashtags on social media. 

And finally, you can lobby your local government to improve cycle and pedestrian mobility in your city.

As you can see, World Cycle Day is something that anyone can get involved with, even if they don’t ride a bike.