Egotism is the anesthetic which nature gives us to deaden the pain of being a fool

Dr. Herbert Shofield

We all know someone who we would say has an incredibly inflated ego, and while we all have a very good idea of what “Ego” is, we seem to lack an understanding of just how damaging that this phenomenon can be. World Ego Awareness Day is our opportunity to spend some time in self-reflection exploring our ego, while simultaneously exploring our experiences with those around us to determine how much of their perceived ego is our own coming into conflict with others.

History of World Ego Awareness Day

The first Ego Awareness Day came into existence in 2018 with the intent of helping those who suffer from an advanced case of egoism learn to deal with the world from a more humble perspective. Egoism has some rather significant effects, including leading to abusive behavior, a blindness to the reality of situations around them, and generally a skewed experience regarding their interactions with other people.

Throughout Ego Awareness Day it’s important to help those around you be more mindful of their behavior, while also being conscientious of your own. An egoic mind can be very unhealthy and can cause all sorts of conflicts both internally and with our relationships with other people, including inferiority complexes, stress, sexism, a false sense of superiority, addictions, and a lack of empathy, just as a beginning.

The concept of the ego and its deleterious effect on our day to day lives has been well-recorded throughout history, and the elimination of ego has served as the foundation of numerous spiritual movements, most notably Buddhism. Even without the spiritual trappings, this condition has been shown to have significant impacts on peoples lives, and the lives of those around people who suffer from this condition.

How to celebrate World Ego Awareness Day

It starts with gaining a clear understanding of the Ego, and how it plays into your interactions with people around you. Egoism is a trait that can lead to us harming those around us through trying to control our imbalanced ego, as well as trying to manage our reactions to other people’s presentation of ego. While not everyone suffers from egoism, it’s likely to present to one degree or another in everyone, but World Ego Awareness Day is dedicated to those who suffer from it on a clinical level.

Key Info

Every May 11th
Founded in
May 11 2018

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