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September is World Fun Fair Month, a thrilling time dedicated to the joy and excitement of fun fairs worldwide.

It brings people together, offering a wonderful chance to enjoy thrilling rides, games, and the unique culture of showmen.

Particularly those who travel with fairs and bring entertainment to towns everywhere. This month celebrates their significant contributions and ensures their rich traditions and lifestyles are recognized and appreciated widely.

The celebration aims to unite showmen from around the world and highlight the importance of fairgrounds to local communities.

It is a time when people are encouraged to support local fairs, which have often struggled due to economic pressures and past restrictions like lockdowns.

The collective effort not only boosts the spirits of attendees but also provides vital support to the fairground industry, which plays a crucial role in cultural and community entertainment.

This special month also serves as an opportunity to educate the public about the showmen’s community. Through initiatives like distributing educational books to schools and organizing inclusive events, Future4Fairgrounds, the organization behind this celebration, fosters a greater understanding and appreciation of this unique lifestyle.

As the initiative continues to grow, it promises to bring more awareness and unity, ensuring that the magic of fun fairs is sustained and celebrated for generations to come.

History of World Fun Fair Month

World Fun Fair Month was established to honor the culture and contributions of showmen—those who operate traveling fun fairs.

Initiated by Future4Fairgrounds in 2021, this special month seeks to bring greater awareness and recognition to the fairground industry and its operators.

The idea was inspired by the many other awareness days and months, recognizing a gap as there was no specific celebration for showmen and the fairground industry​​.

The launch of World Fun Fair Month followed a challenging period of Covid-related restrictions and lockdowns. This situation heavily impacted public gatherings and events like fairs.

The initiative aimed to celebrate showmen’s historical and cultural significance and rejuvenate local communities’ engagement with fairs, fostering social and economic recovery for the operators affected by the pandemic.

The organizers, led by a group of women known as the “six lady Showmen,” spearheaded efforts to make this event global, involving showmen from various regions, including the UK, Europe, North America, and Australasia​​.

The introduction of World Fun Fair Month has also been a platform for educating the public about the showmen community.

Activities during the month have included distributing educational materials to schools and using promotional materials like flags and banners to symbolize unity among showmen worldwide. These efforts have changed perceptions and provided a deeper understanding of unique lifestyles.

How to Celebrate World Fun Fair Month

Celebrating World Fun Fair Month can be a thrilling whirl of joy and community spirit! Here are a few quirky and playful suggestions for making the most out of this festive month:

Roll Up for a Local Fair

First things first, find a local fair and dive into the fun! Nothing says ‘celebrate’ like spending a day zipping around on thrilling rides, playing games, and indulging in cotton candy. It’s a direct ticket to laughter and some good old-fashioned fun.

Become a Showman for a Day

Why not try your hand at being a showman? Gather friends and family to set up your own backyard carnival games. Think ring toss, mini golf, or even a homemade shooting range with water guns!

Share the Fun Online

Capture the magic moments and share them online. Create a fun hashtag, like #FunFairMagic, to connect with others celebrating around the world. It’s a modern twist to spread joy and show global unity in fun fair celebrations.

Educate and Celebrate

Use this month to learn about the cultural heritage of showmen and fairgrounds. You could watch documentaries or read articles about the history and life of showpeople who travel. Sharing these insights with others can also help spread appreciation for their unique lifestyle.

Support Showmen Globally

Consider supporting showmen globally by purchasing merchandise like flags and banners or donating to fair-related charities. This not only helps the fair community but also keeps the spirit of the fairs alive and vibrant.

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